The Best Watch Price in Sri Lanka You Can Get This Christmas

The Best Watch Price in Sri Lanka You Can Get This Christmas

If you have been browsing for the best watch price in Sri Lanka, we are here to give you some insight into selecting the one that looks best on you. Also, add to that multiple New Year discounts to help you out!

Are you seeking the best watch price in Sri Lanka? In that case, continue reading to discover our recommendations based on the quality and prices of watches available in the market.

Watches aren’t always just about an accessory that you use to solely check the time- keep an eye for the timers, styles and features that add way more to the purpose!

Grand Christmas Sale

Before we begin, we just want to remind you that the Daraz Grand Christmas Sale is LIVE! Hurry up and make your Christmas and New Year purchases before it ENDS TOMORROW! You can get up to 80% off on over 3 million products ranging from electronics, fashion, lifestyle goods & groceries. In addition, get a further 12% off on bank cards, along with interest-free, easy monthly instalment plans for up to 60 months. Furthermore, enjoy Mega Deals, Flash Sales, Fun Games, Free Shipping, Prizes and many more surprises along the way!

Get amazing discounts on modish watches from your favourite brands, such as LouisWill, BOSTANTEN, Swatch, PG Martin, ELGY, Esogoal, Embark, Linberry and many more! Stay connected with your loved ones, and let the light not die this Christmas by getting an extra 12% off on mobile reloads. Daraz also offers 12% off for your utility payments. In addition, engage in the Daraz live and stand a chance to win exciting giveaways. Download the Daraz App right away and let the holiday shopping begin!

G Shock Watch

Are you an outdoor aficionado, who’s constantly disappointed by the lack of durability provided by watches to support your adventurous spirit? We recommend you to get a GSHOCK. Furthermore, these watches are known to be the best for their toughness, reliability, and water resistance. Additionally, they are also built to withstand extreme conditions. Get your trips in the planning for the holiday season with confidence that GSHOCK will soon be a favourite add-on to your wrist.

Casio Watch

Analogue-digital timekeeping comes packed into a simple, no-nonsense design with Casio watches without sacrificing G-SHOCK level toughness. Instead, these are carefully kept light and thin as they are reinforced with Carbon fibres. Moreover, manufactured with Vintage, Oceanus, Classic and many other themes in mind, Casio is the perfect brand to explore and find your niche in style.

Luxury Watch

Most of us feel like this year has passed by in the blink of an eye and constantly question if we could manage our time productively. But the past is in the past, and the least we can do is plan out the following year with care. So, set timelines and small achievable goals to achieve your New Year resolutions. And what fancier way can we go about this than get a luxury watch, which will additionally make us stand out in the room? This Ladies Michael Kors MK5166Blair watch comes with a 2-year warranty and features a beautiful stone set bezel and lugs that promises to capture the attention of everyone passing by!

Watches For Men

Did you know that some women use watches to identify potential romantic partners? Society tends to frown upon men if accessorized, but watches are viewed as a symbol of exquisite taste, financial stability and convey that you belong in the room. If you’re having a hard time locating the perfect place to make your choice, we want to help you with that. Daraz offers a wide range of impressive discounts this holiday season and ensures fast delivery. Download the app or log on to the website to make your purchase today!

Ladies Watches

Some don’t feel the importance of wearing a watch as our phone satisfies the need to wear one. But it hasn’t replaced the style, convenience, and increased productivity it provides. However, not all are too good at fighting the temptation to check our messages as we take our phones out to check the time. Neither is it as convenient as turning your wrist for the purpose. Exam halls also do not permit phones in most cases. So indulge in the benefits of wearing a watch and make sure you give attention to the material, durability, measurements, design and reviews before you purchase so you won’t be disappointed!

We hope this article helped you get an idea about what watch fits you best. In the meantime, if you are looking for a phone in between 35-75K in Sri Lanka, check out The Best Android Phones in Sri Lanka between Rs. 35,000 – Rs. 75,000.

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