Avurudu with a Baby: A Mother and Baby Shopping Guide

Avurudu with a Baby: A Mother and Baby Shopping Guide

Preparing for Avurudu with a baby can be more hectic, than when you had to prepare without a family of your own. Children and babies come with different needs. Even though your partner may also be contributing to help you out, it may still seem like there’s an endless list of things that has to get done.

Are you preparing for Avurudu with a baby to care for this year? We’ve put together the right mother and baby shopping guide to help you out.

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Without further ado, let’s take a look at some important mother and baby items that you may want to keep an eye out for this Avurudu!

Milk Formula

While you have to prepare for Avurudu with a baby, you might find it too time consuming to have to breastfeed your infant every now and then. Babies tend to get hungry in shorter intervals when they consume breastmilk, as opposed to formula milk. This is because the digestion of breastmilk is faster than that of formula milk.

Hence, letting your baby adopt to formula milk could be helpful in such occasions, and especially if you’re a working mother. You don’t necessarily have to be physically present when formula milk is being fed to your baby.

You can get the help of someone you trust to take over the job of feeding your baby formula milk, as you get other chores done. Brands such as Enfagrow , Aptamil, and Nestle Nangrow are recognized for their milk formulas.

Baby Swing

Getting a baby to sleep or stay quiet may require a lot of rocking and bouncing throughout the day. However, adding a baby swing to your household can take some of that burden off your shoulders.

Baby swings are safe, come with straps and they give you a break. However, it’s important for your baby to be under the supervision of a trusted adult, wherever they are.

Baby Stroller

Baby strollers make life easy and convenient for a parent. Being active and holding your baby, every time you have to make a small journey, can cost you a lot of energy. As a result, many parents resort to staying at home and canceling events due to the inconvenience that comes with having to carry a child with them.

However, a baby stroller allows you to move around with your baby, as they stay safely strapped in place and within your sight. You can also look for baby car seats and baby bags, which are additional tools that can help you in travelling with your baby.

Baby Feeding Utensils

Babies require to be fed 6-8 times or more every day, and they can also get messy, requiring you to clean up afterwards. Especially with a lot happening around you, this can get overwhelming. Incorporating the right feeding utensils to your feeding regimen could add positively to your experience. Whether it’s getting high-quality bottles, large bibs, bowls and plates that don’t easily break- these could only add to your convenience.

Baby Dresses

The best part about having a baby to take care of, would probably be the fact that you can dress them according to your liking. And with Avurudu coming, you have all the more reasons to shop for baby clothes as you like.

Whether you’re looking for baby girls dresses, baby frocks, baby shirts, and what not- grab the cutest high-quality outfits for your baby from Daraz.

Baby Food

Preparing food for your baby can get inconvenient in busy times. In such cases, jarred baby food could help you greatly. There are times you can’t find the right vegetables and fruits in the market to prepare your baby’s favourite food. However, jarred baby food will always be available and offers you a variety of choices.

Today’s baby food of recognized brands come in high-quality, and you can trust them to be healthy for your little one. However, make sure to feed your baby homemade food occasionally too, such that your baby won’t be completely dependent on jarred food.

Supplement for Mothers

Breastfeeding your baby requires you to consume at least an additional 400-500 calories every day. Lactating and pregnant mothers, along with mothers of small children, require a lot of energy, to get chores done, while also having to take care of their children.

Sometimes, a balanced diet may not be able to fulfill all the nutritional requirements. Hence, it’s encouraged to incorporate supplements to meet the needs of your and your child’s wellbeing.

Baby Playpen

You want to know that your baby is safe, comfortable and happy- whether you’re at home, at work, travelling or even when your baby is in your hands, within your sight.

But it’s not practical to always be carrying them around- especially when you have things you want to get done. This is when a playpen comes in handy. Playpens provide a safe space for your children to have fun, while allowing you engage in other obligations without concern. They are also easy to fold and store, not requiring too much storage space.

We hope the time you invested in this article helped you with ideas on how to conveniently prepare for Avurudu with a baby. Whichever mother and baby care items you’re looking for, make sure to take a look at Daraz. With doorstep delivery and many other deals, you may want to stay updated with everything that Daraz has to offer.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for toys for your little one, check out our blog on Best Toys Price in Sri Lanka during Avurudu Season.  

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