What to buy this Valentines – Valentines buying guide

What to buy this Valentines – Valentines buying guide

Valentines is a holiday that comes with a list of prescribed gifts and celebration ideas. A box of chocolates, a bouquet of red roses, a giant stuffed animal, a candle light dinner, a gift card with a romantic verse on it are always the top ideas that popped into anyone’s mind soon as they hear the word “Valentines”.

Hence, when you want to buy a gift with a more personalized touch to your loved one, it will get a bit confusing. It’s okay not to stick to the traditional gift ideas as long as the gift speaks something to your beloved. Giving something practical and what he/she would actually need, can be sexier than a bunch of roses.

To help you decide on that, we have prepared a list of best practical gifts for her and him this Valentine’s.

For him

  • Guys love it when their partner chooses men’s clothes for them. You’ll probably know his size, so get him a nice t-shirt and pants to go with a good pair of men’s shoes.

  • He will fall in love with you than ever if you gift him his favorite gaming consoles this Valentines.

  • A pair of sunglasses, a bag or a men’s wallet are also good and practical gift that  he can use for a long time.
  • Make him the happiest this Valentines by giving him a nice watch.

  • If you want this Valentine’s day to be a rather passionate one, gift him a sexual item.
  • If you have enough budget, it’s nice if you can buy him a mobile phone or a laptop he wanted to buy for a long time.


For her

  • Ladies love getting more and more women’s clothes everyday than anything else, so get her a nice dress or a top and a trouser to go with it.

Apart from these gift ideas you can surprise your loved one buying him/her a piece of valuable jewelry,gift pack or a couple t-shirts.


Amaani Inthikab

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