Dress smart – Shop Smarter

Dress smart – Shop Smarter

How do I shop smart ?

Shopping is undoubtedly not the best area of expertise of men.We often see men waiting on benches until their wives or girlfriends get done with the shopping, especially during this Avurudu season.It’s even common to see lesser men on the men’s section in comparison to women ‘s.Thus it is apparent that men aren’t that attentive towards shopping.

Yet it doesn’t mean that men don’t like to spend time and money on shopping.It’s only the exhausting process in crowded shops that usually refrain men from shopping in the first place.Lucky for all men who are in a desperate need for an easier shopping experience,today, online shopping has expanded up to an extent that provides all the benefits of actual physical shopping minus the exhaustion.

Even so,shopping online can also be mentally exhausting if you don’t know what to buy and how.”What if what I buy doesn’t fit?” “I cannot fit on prior purchasing” “delivering and returning takes a long time” “size selection is confusing” are some of the valid concerns anyone can have when purchasing clothing online cause you don’t get to see or touch the wearable prior.To guide you in that , we have listed few easy tips that you can follow towards an amazing online shopping experience.

#1 Go for a test run

If you have many doubts about the clothing you are buying and if you find hard to trust the store, then do a text purchase for a cheaper item.That way you can start placing trust on the shop if you are satisfied with the quality of the clothing.If the store is already a well reputed one like Emerald, then you will not have these issues as Emerald offers an extensive range of premium quality shirts with finer details.

#2 Buy all from one place

There’s a possibility for orders to get messed up when you order 5 items from 5 stores under the same eCommerce platform.Also, you might have to wait for quite some time until everything gets delivered.Therefore, look for a shop that offers many clothing options rather than buying from a few different shops.

#3 Try using size charts.

If selecting the correct size is too confusing for you,google size charts and find the appropriate size for you.Size charts come in inches and different sizes varying from UK,USA and Asian size, which makes it easier to cross refer and get the best match.

#4 Don’t hesitate to inquire customer service.

It’s true that picture given of a particular item or a size chart cannot provide you with all the information you need.There might always be doubts outside the given details.In such cases, never hesitate to contact the customer service and get the doubts cleared with before making the payment.

#5 Wait for sales

If you are planning to make multiple purchases at the same time for the season, then it’s better to wait for a sale.That way, you can buy various items under a discounted price.

This Avurudu season,Daraz in collaboration with Emerald at Daraz Avurudu Wasi, is offering unbelievable discounts for all men’s clothing needs.Emerald has always been able to make Sri Lankan men true trendsetters by their exclusive premium quality clothing line.Emerald always believed that style and comfort should go hand in hand.Their fine detailed designs have been embraced by Sri Lankan men for over 50 years.

Bundle offers

  • 1 belt free with 3 trousers
  • A tie free with 3 shirts

Other gifts

  • Free Bluetooth speaker for bills over Rs.10,000/=

All you need to look smarter this Avurudu Season is just one click away. Shop now !

Amaani Inthikab

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