Everyday Oral Hygiene tips

Everyday Oral Hygiene tips

Value your smile

The wider your smile means the better care you should take in oral hygiene.The widest smile of all will be in vain if proper care for teeth is not taken.Most of all, it should always be “Oral” care, which suggests there’s much more than teeth.The gums,tongue and jaws are also important areas in which you should pay attention to.

Having perfect oral hygiene,takes a lifetime of care.Brushing your teeth day and night will not always be enough to maintain good oral care.You might have perfect teeth, but conditions such as gum disease,oral cancer and horrible breath can make your life a living hell.

By having proper oral habits and the right amount of attention,you can achieve oral hygiene.Take these steps into consideration to maintain proper oral hygiene and long lasting white teeth.

#1 Brushing at night is a must

The general recommendation is to brush your teeth twice a day.Yet most of us neglect to brush teeth at night.If you skip to brush at night,there is a considerably long time between the morning and the next day morning.This gap can create serious problems for your teeth as there is enough and more time for bacteria to process.If you keep on forgetting, try setting a reminder every night until you get used to the habit.

#2 Brush it right

It is of no use even if you brush 10 times a day, if you don’t brush your teeth just right.Use a dentist approved toothbrush that can reach every corner of your mouth like Clogard tooth brushes.Additionally make sure you brush your teeth evenly and enough that there won’t be any leftover food particles between.

#3 Don’t forget the tongue

Always make sure that you brush your tongue while brushing your teeth.If the tongue is not properly cleaned plaque:a filmy substance made through the bacteria that get collected in your mouth, or even worse,a bad breath can get formed.Therefore,always keep in mind to gently brush your tongue when brushing teeth.

#4 Use proper toothpaste

It is crucial to select a toothpaste that prevents decay rather than whitening and flavors. Fluoride is one of the most important elements that prevents tooth decay.Therefore,make sure you purchase a fluoride inclusive toothpaste such as Clogard tooth paste.

#5 Make time to floss

Sure flossing can be a difficult process,but is as important as brushing your teeth.Flossing is not only done to remove food particles what aren’t getting removed by brushing.It stimulates gum,reduces plaque and help lower inflammation.Therefore it is vital to floss on a regular basis.If it is too difficult, look for proper tools that helps carry out the process easily.

#6 Use a mouthwash

Using a mouthwash on regular basis can give more benefits to you than a good breath.Mouth wash can reduce the amount of acid in mouth,clear hard-to-brush areas around gums and remineralize teeth.Visit the Clogard official store at Daraz today to select a mouthwash in your favorite flavor.

#7 Water is a must

As much water helps to keep the entire body running without malfunctioning,it is beneficial for oral health too.Drinking water after each meal or even a small snack can wash away the food residues.Also drinking water often keeps you mouth fresh throughout the day.

#8 Don’t sugarcoat it

Sugar gets converted into acid inside the mouth which erode the enamel which lead to cavities.Therefore try to minimize acidic fruits.tea,coffee and sweets to prevent your teeth from cavities.

#9 Eat crunchy and fresh food

Eating fresh and crunchy fruits and vegetables that contain favorable fibres not only gives you better digestion but good teeth too.

#10 Check ups on regular basis

Even if you take the best care of your teeth,you need to visit a dentist every once in a while to make sure your oral health is in order.

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