6 Wardrobe essentials you cannot live without

6 Wardrobe essentials you cannot live without

Your wardrobe closet has seen many fashion fashion trends coming and going.Even though fresh trends are added to your closet every now and then,but only a few of them will remain among the essentials.If some piece is becoming an essential in your wardrobe closet, that means you will keep on wearing it repetitively.

Anyone can argue saying that only five pieces will not be enough to serve as essentials.But if we have a closer look into the matter,we will see that it is true.Let’s find out.

A pair of jeans

Jeans are the ultimate unbiased essential anyone should have in their closet.Despite the gender and the fashion trend,jeans overpower all the other clothing items as they come in many designs and sizes to fit just anyone.

The best thing about a pair of jeans is that, you can incorporate them with any top;either it’s a formal blouse or a casual t-shirt.

A white color button down shirt

The perfect wardrobe choice to fit a Monday morning or a Friday after work party.Awhite button down can easily be matched with any sort of a pant(tight or loose) and this piece hardly goes out of style.

A dress

We all get settled for a dress once in a while.Given the weather and the current trend, a cotton material midi dress would be the best option.If you make the right choice in picking the design, it can even be worn to work and also a small party.


Loose pants

This is an increasingly widespread trend in Sri Lanka.Not only they are easy and comfortable to be worn the entire day, but also can be matched to different types of tops.





Wrap dress

An easy to wear wrap dress is yet another must have piece in anyone’s closet.Also wrap dresses are rather practical clothing items for this heated weather.,and they don’t fail to give you a trendy look.

Cross body bag

When you are torn between your huge handbag and the tiny clutch, the cross body bag is the perfect solution.It’s not too small and not too huge, but is definitely compact and is enough to carry your essentials.

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