How to gear up with best running shoes

How to gear up with best running shoes

Even if you are an everyday runner a professional runner, you know that shoes are the first gear that you have to get right.Shoes are basically a deciding factor whether you will enjoy running or not cause the wrong pair of shoes can simply make your experience bitter.Also a pair of running shoes can boost up a runner’s confidence to perform better.

Having the wrong pair of running shoes can cause you to suffer from blisters,and some shoes are not suitable for every weather condition.The sole and the bottom of the shoe has to contain enough grip to avoid slipping over.

Looking for running shoes can be a little less overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for when buying a new pair.Running shoes are significant because of the technology involved in it.They are designed and developed to suit different foot types.Yet,here’s a disclaimer! No running shoe is perfect for everyone.Which means you cannot buy the same pair your friend got.

Comfort is the dominating factor here.Your feet should feel extremely comfortable from toes to heels if you wanna avoid a painful running experience.Worst of all, you can end up getting injured if your shoes don’t cooperate well with your feet.

When it comes to buying running shoes, online purchasing is not very much advisable, because you cannot try them before buying.But it doesn’t make buying shoes from a physical store easier too,cause you can try maximum 5 pairs before you completely lose interest of buying at all.The process is exhausting, we know that.Nonetheless with a little help from our side, it wouldn’t be that hard.You don’t need to worry, we will make sure you land on the correct pair.

The pre study

Understand your pronationPronation is the rolling of the foot from heel to toe through the foot strike.This is threefold as overpronation,neutral pronation and underpronation. From these three the neutral pronation is considered to be the healthy pose as it reduces the impact created through the foot stress.However if you have any of the other pronations you need to be extra careful when buying running shoes, cause only a right shoe can fix those issues.

Arch – The pair of running shoes you are intending to buy should match your feet curve.You are most likely to get injured if the curve is not supported by the correct sole type.

Upper part

This part of the shoe contains everything above the sole area which is usually made with fabrics and mesh glued together.Although most of the modern designs have done a lot of knitting instead of using glue to give a more durable outcome.What you should look in the upper part of the shoe is if it perfectly fits your foot smoothly without chafing the skin.

Ankle collar

This is the thick padded part of the upper layer of the shoe that touches the ankle.Check if the padding irritates the ankle or the Achilles tendon.

Heel counter

This is a semi-rigid cup layered in the rear foot area that supports your heel.Most minimalists shoes don’t have this feature.Even though the heel counter doesn’t provide motion control, it supports the heel in balancing the feet when running and landing.


Saddle is the area where the laces are placed in.What you should consider in the saddle area is whether the lace can be perfectly fitted to avoid slipping.

Toe box

This is the entire upper part of the shoe from eyelets to the end of the shoe.What you should look for is whether the toe box allows you to flex and spread your toes without rubbing on each other.

Out sole

Out sole is the rubber that meets the road.Make sure your running shoe has a durable yet not too heavy rubber outsole that grips the road without causing slips.

Flex grooves

Flex grooves make your shoe bend as your foot bends and are situated under the ball of the foot.Wear the shoe and see if the shoe moves with your feet.

Mid sole

This is the area between the Out sole and the upper part.Be cautious to pick a shoe that is neither too soft nor hard in the mid sole to avoid any discomfort.


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