Must know 7 baby care tips and products

Must know 7 baby care tips and products

Congratulations on the arrival of your little one!

We know how impatient you were for the arrival of your new baby. The past few months could have been so hard for you and we are happy that you made it possible by taking such good care of the baby.

Now there are enough and more books about pregnancy. But what happens after the baby comes? Well… that’s the hardest part. A new born baby is the tenderest thing that has to be looked after with utmost care. From bathing and feeding to making the baby fall asleep, you have to be extremely and cautious as a mother.

So, we will guide you through some important tips about baby care in Sri Lanka and best baby care products that are available in Sri Lanka.


Your baby’s skin is the most delicate thing. If taken proper care the delicacy of the baby skin will retain for a long time. So, you should start from cleaning the baby. First of all, bathing! A new born baby is not fit to be bathed until the belly button is fully healed and dried. When bathing too, you need to be extremely careful with the water temperature, not too hot and not too cold. As this is a tropical country, we advise you to stick the bathing times to the day time.

Most importantly, your new born baby is not playing on mud. So, it doesn’t need to be bathed daily and make sure you use mild bathing products that have a low PH value.


A new born baby should be fed every two to three hours round the clock until advised otherwise by the pediatrician. The smartest thing is to always consult your pediatrician regarding the feeding cycle and specially if you see even the slightest chance in the normal feeding pattern.

Protection from infections

A newborn under 8 weeks has the biggest chance to be caught in an infection. These infections small or big, can cause a serious problem to a baby as the immunity system is not that strong. So, the best you can do is to keep your baby away from infections. Reduce travelling with the baby and politely ask sick visitors to refrain from touching the baby. Always wash your hands when you’re bathing and feeling the and keep the bedding and clothes clean and dry.


All babies under 1 year should be put to sleep on their backs on a crib or a bassinet. Make sure you don’t crowd the sleeping area with a lot of pillows and sheets

Mother care

Be as clean as possible before touching the baby. Especially before feeding. And before pregnancy make sure that you are properly immunized and are in good health condition. Take in necessary vitamins and eat healthy.

Most importantly, it’s vital to immunize your new born baby to reduce the tendency of getting life-threatening infections.

Using diapers

It’s best advisable to use napkins instead of pampers on babies under 3 months as diapers can cause skin rashes.A newborn baby should poop within the 24 hours after being born(consult a doctor if not) .After that a baby poops after every feeding, which will go up to seven eight times a day. So your task is to clean the nappies and sensitive areas of the baby.

Laundry care

Always be mindful to use mild laundry product that does not contain many harmful chemicals. Even the odour is advised to be soft.A baby is too sensitive. So treat it with utmost care. You can experience online baby clothes shopping from the most famous brands at Daraz today!! Visit us now!!

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