Top 10 car maintenance tips

Top 10 car maintenance tips

In this century an automobile is not an asset, not only the men can brag about owning. Every family own a vehicle today. Rate of female drivers keep on increasing. So is the accident rate 😛 (We are only half joking 😛 ) By the by, owning a vehicle in today’s society is as common as owning a pair of shoes. Men or women , you gotta know the importance of keeping your vehicle in good condition.

For many, a vehicle is only a mode of transportation. For some it’s a business and for some a vehicle it is the best way to chase beautiful sights. Whatever the reason it is, automobiles will remain to be a vital part of the human evolution.Therefore it is imperative to keep your vehicle properly maintained in order to enjoy the benefits of it.

There are many advantages of employing in even basic car maintenance as it improves safety levels,saves you from spending on expensive car repairs,enhances reliability and performance and increases the resale value while contributing to a cleaner greener environment.

So we have prepared a comprehensive car maintenance checklist to keep your vehicle perform in the optimum level.

Air Filter Maintenance 

After you reach 12,000 miles it is a must to change the air filters. Air filters are prone to fast wear and tear and it is advisable to change them every 12 months.Air filter issues should never be ignored as they can cause serious AC problems and make you breathe unhealthy air.

Fluids and Tire pressure 

You should never delay to check fluids and tire pressure at any cost.These are two of the most significant components in your car that supports optimum performance.It would take maximum 10 minutes to check. It’s simple and could possibly take only 10 minutes. All you gotta do is to open the engine when it’s cooled down, detach the oil dipstick, wipe it clean, insert in again and pull back to check the oil level.

You can check the power steering fluid level and the transmission fluid level in the same way.Also make sure that the tire air pressure using a gauge.

Battery Health 

Nothing is worse than the car battery running out in the middle of a deserted road at 1 am, isn’t it ? So don’t ignore the low battery signal thinking that you’ll do it next time.Check for leakages or any mineral build up around it. Clean it with a battery cleaning brush and do this whenever necessary.

Change the spark plug 

If you identify a malfunctioning in the engine, it can probably be the spark plug. Spark plugs are prone to quick wear and tear.Usually after 30,000 miles a spark plug might need a replacement. Check your car’s user manual to get an accurate idea of the matter.

Windshield and Wiper blades 

The driver should always have a clear view from the windshield to avoid accidents.If you clean the wiper blades and the windshield regularly, there won’t be any room for dust and oil residues which can deteriorate the glass. 

Serpentine belts 

It is advisable to replace serpentine belts after 300,000 miles to avoid a very expensive repair bill as worn out belts can cause damage to other car accessories too. 

Check brakes 

We know how much you care about your loved ones and how much you mean to them. So make sure you check the car brakes regularly to avoid catastrophic consequences.

Keep it clean – keep it covered 

Well this is a matter of choice. Despite the reason you’re using the vehicle for, always make sure you keep it clean and vacuumed. Strong sunlight can also cause harm to the paint of the vehicle.So keep it covered whenever it’s parked.

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