Top 10 kitchen hacks to save your time and money

Top 10 kitchen hacks to save your time and money

No matter how experienced you are in the kitchen (despite the age and gender) , there still are enough and more stuff in the kitchen that you don’t know about. Kitchen is the place that need to be constantly cleaned and keep organized in the best way possible. 

Thus it’s always great to find more tips and tricks to make our lives easier in the kitchen. Best thing about kitchen hacks are that , they make us take the maximum use of the smallest ingredients. 

So we have hacked your kitchen!! Check out these amazing kitchen hacks that will definitely save your time and money.

Storage Hacks 

Preventing browning 

Diced or sliced potatoes can be prevent them from turning brown that happens from the release of starch which oxidize them. Also cut fruits can be prevented from browning and becoming unappetizing by adding a little squeeze of lemon to it. Citric acid and vitamin C slows down oxidation.

Speeding up/ Slowing down banana ripening


You can keep bananas fresh and appetizing by covering the end with plastic wrap. Better yet, separate bananas and cover the ends. Plastic wrappers prevent the ethylene gas from releasing. This slows downs ripening. If you want a banana to ripen faster toss it inside a paper bag. That way the ethylene gas stays in to fasten ripening.

Peeling Hacks 

Easy egg shell removal 

Add baking soda or vinegar to water when boiling egg for easy shell removal.Both these substances permeate egg shell and help the albumen to get removed easily.

Food prepping Hacks 

Easy cheese grating 

Freeze cheese for 30 minutes before grating to avoid sticking.

Cutting onions without weeping 

There are two things that you can do here. Freeze the onions before chopping or put a piece of bread in your mouth (partially sticking out) to absorb the irritating gas before it reaches the eyes.

Softening butter faster 

If you’re on a tight schedule, you cannot unfreeze the butter for 30 minutes by keeping it on the counter. So here’s a suggestion. Grate the butter or roll using a rolling pin.That way it makes it more spreadable.

Measure sticky stuff without a mess 

Coat the measuring cup with hot water or a dab of cooking oil before measuring sticky substances like molasses or honey. They heat or oil will help the substances slide into the bowl without sticky residues. 

Cooking/Baking Hacks 

Cut brownies without crumbs 


There’s absolutely nothing worse than the crumbs that pop up when slicing a perfectly packed batch of brownies. Here’s the process we suggest to avoid ugly crumbs. Grease the baking pan with butter and place parchment paper on it, and grease it too. Once baked, let it cool and lift the brownies by the edges of parchment paper. Then use a  serrated knife to slice. Slices can easily be separated from the parchment paper as it’s greased.

Cooking a whole chicken evenly 


In order to have an evenly cooked chicken, freeze the breast. Dark meat takes longer time to cook the white meat. Therefore freezing the breast will prevent it getting overcooked.

Cleaning Hacks 

Removing smell from your hands 

This is one of the biggest problems any cook has. Especially if you are doing a job that involves interaction with people, you gotta keep your hands free from onion or garlic smell. You can easily take off the smell by rubbing stainless steel, lemon or baking soda in your hands.


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