Are Smartwatches worth buying ? – know it with Daraz

Are Smartwatches worth buying ? – know it with Daraz

The popular opinion among anyone who doesn’t own a smartwatch is that it is a superfluous expense. Ironically, none of the users have ever agreed, because you need time to get the hang of it and then ultimately realize how hard it is to live without the smartwatch. Serving its googled definition at its best, smartwatches literally surpass the mere function of time telling and go beyond. Smartwatches marked its birth as fitness trackers and gained popularity among youngsters and fitness freaks over the past few years. Today, there are numerous high ends to low end smart watches available in various brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple, Sony etc.

Unfortunately, it is a bit hard to build a positive impression on a customer prior the purchase because it all comes down to the different needs of each customer. So, we are here to provide a general insight about the pros in owning a smartwatch.

Get notified – anywhere, anytime

It’s true that every notification doesn’t need a response. It doesn’t mean that it has to go unacknowledged. Plus, how rude is it to keep looking at your phone every time you receive a notification, in the middle of a very important conversation. Smartwatches makes it so much easier, and simple. When you receive a notification, you can simply just swipe and ignore or tap to send a quick response.

Best Travel Buddy

Navigation is one of the biggest benefits of smartwatches. Once the destination is set, it’s just a matter of titling your wrist to see if you are on the correct route. Smartwatches are super convenient for cyclists and motorbike riders.

Answering calls and messages

Best Fitness Tracker you can ask for

Fitness tracking acts as a core feature in some smart watches.They can count steps, distance, calories, heart rate, pulse rate, speed, sleep and go beyond to track other metrics as you customize. There are some Smartwatches customized only for fitness purposes. Most of them are waterproof , means you can use them even when you are practicing swimming.

Music on the go

With smartwatches you can listen to music on the go without having to pull out your phone to skip the song. This feature is extremely beneficial when you need to change the song in a crowded commute.

Longer battery life

Battery life of smart watches are a lot higher than of mobile phones as they don’t have to support a high resolution screen.

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