5 Essential Guitar Accessories Every Guitar Player Must Have

5 Essential Guitar Accessories Every Guitar Player Must Have

Every guitar player, beginner, professional or mediocre needs to have a set of accessories handy cause there are numerous things that can go wrong during a performance. So this is more of a safety tool kit for every guitar player to avoid a really embarrassing moment on stage.

Purpose of these guitar accessories can either be to sound unique, play easier, change strings quickly or simply to perform better. Nonetheless, there are hundreds and thousands of guitar accessories you can select from according to your guitar type.

Most of the guitarist select accessories to suit their comfortable playing style. Therefore, we have picked out a list essential guitar accessories every guitar player should have, beginner or professional to not look klutz on stage.

What are the cheapest and the best guitar accessories your money can buy? Let’s find out!!


This is no brainer. Every guitarist should have a set extra strings all the time. Especially if you are a professional guitar player you need to have extra strings just in case a string breaks amidst a performance. Also the habit of changing strings regularly gives out quality and unique sound.

Picks/ Pick holders

You need to have a pick if you own a guitar, cause that coin game ain’t gonna work all the time. Picks comes in different shapes and colors and you can pick whatever you want. If you are planning to do a lot of strumming, you might wanna have a thinner pick that flexes good. If you are focusing a lot on solo notes you can go for a thicker pick.

If you have been playing the guitar for a while, I’m sure you might have a lot of stories about the picks that got lost in the thin air. It’s obvious, because picks are extremely small and has a greater possibility of getting vanished under a table or a couch or a pile of clothes. Therefore, purchase a pick holder to keep your picks safe. They are inexpensive and so beneficial.


Capo is the best gadget a beginner guitarist can have. If you don’t know all the chords, all you have to do is to place the capo on any fret to make it easy for you to transpose a song easily. If you are buying a capo make sure you pay equal attention to the quality of it the same as the price.


When you have a new string set placed in your guitar, you need to get them tuned to play. There are different types of tuners you can select, ranging from guitar pitch pipes, electric tuners, and clip on tuners. Out of these, the best is the clip on tuner. You can tune the guitar in the middle of a noisy party or a conversation as it picks up vibrations on the neck to tell you what tune you are playing.

Guitar Strap

Well, you won’t always get to play the guitar while standing up. We need not tell you how difficult it is to play the guitar while standing if you don’t have a strap on. So invest in a fine quality strap and play to your heart’s content.

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