How to Have a Good Hair Day

How to Have a Good Hair Day

Are you finding it absolutely impossible to have smooth and shiny hair in the morning? Even though you make the hair look average after numerous brushing, heat curling or ironing rounds, we’ll still turn up for work after 30 minutes looking as if we walked through a battlefield. The bottom line is, unless you are blessed with magical genes, your hair will always look messy despite the efforts.

Let’s be realistic. There’s hardly any time in the morning to invest in making the hair look flawless. And it’s not like there’s a personal glam squad behind you to make you look perfect each step. 

So what do you do when your hair looks as if it had been on an adventure that you weren’t invited. Read on the following few tips to get a glow and a picture perfect hair everyday without having to spend on expensive products and heating equipment.

Don’t forget to trim

This is the one thing that we all forget and the one thing that destroys the glam look of hair. Negative impact of those split ends are that they are gonna travel up the hair strand and make the entire hair look dull. It’s true that we can’t always be at the hairdresser’s getting hair cuts. So fix a proper haircut at least once every 6 weeks. 

Know your hair 

It is not very smart to just buy some products off the shelf or buy the most expensive products as each hair is different from one another. When it comes to hair care, there needs to be a sense of personal touch. Products that are made for damaged hair will not work on natural hair. So be mindful, and make an informed purchase by asking the experts.

Wash it; not too often, but too well 

How often you wash your hair is absolutely not important in comparison to how you should wash it. Over washing hair can also make serious damages because shampoo removes all the moisture from hair strands. So make sure you wash your hair with a proper shampoo and conditioner as necessary.

Stay hydrated 

Drinking plenty of water is the best and the most natural remedy towards achieving a good hair. This is mainly for the long run. You can also do frequent oil massages hair mask treatments to make sure the moisture is retained in the hair roots and strands.

Get your hands on 

Combs are easy. But do you know that you can avoid hair fall and damage by 10 times if you initially comb through the hair with finger tips before using the comb ?

Go easy on heat

Ninety percent of hair damage is caused by overheating. Yes! That means your hair iron, hair dryer and the curling iron. Avoid using heating equipment on your hair as much as possible and let your hair dry naturally as much as possible.

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Amaani Inthikab

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