How to create your own Home Gym ? – Know it with Daraz

How to create your own Home Gym ? – Know it with Daraz

It’s not actually necessary to stress on how cool it is being a fitness enthusiast and going to the gym on a daily basis. But let us replay the reality if it. You finish a hectic day at work and arrive home exhausted. Then you change into your gym clothes, grab the gym bag and head out to the gym and waste a good amount of time in traffic, and you finally enter the gym only to find out that most of the people are already heading home. 
Sound familiar ?

Stepping in to a gym itself is a huge confidence booster cause you actually see how people push themselves into the limits to stay in shape. But what should you do if the process of reaching the gym is over the top frantic and time consuming? Has it ever occurred to you that you could have stayed in shape and avoid the pain to going to a gym, if you could do the exercises at home?

Now we are not suggesting having a home gym is the best, because you can always choose to not work out based on different reasons like, visitors, a date at home or a house party etc etc. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a home gym. In cases like, not having a gym nearby, having kids, or having to work late you will actually feel relieved if you had a home gym.

Don’t know where to start ? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Working with the existing space 

If you have a spacious apartment then you have many options to arrange a home gym as per your wish. The problem comes when you have a tiny place and would have to push the couch to a bedroom to make space for yoga. For classic exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, squats and lunges you don’t require much space, and for cardio, you can use jump ropes instead of a space consuming treadmill

Picking up the absolute essentials 

Just because you are bringing the gym home, doesn’t mean that you can have all the equipment. Not only it is financially impossible but it’s also pointless to have space consuming equipment to lie around that you have no use of. In order to pick up the absolute essentials, the first thing that you need to do is to come up with a workout plan that suits you. For example, if you need to focus only on abs and lower body, there’s no point in buying expensive upper body workout machines.

For your convenience we have listed down a few must have equipment for any home gym.

Picking up budget effective equipment 

Fitness equipment can go pricing from a few bucks to thousands and more. So as we suggested earlier too, pick up the absolute essentials. Another way can save up a few bucks is from purchasing second hand machines. Especially the expensive large equipment can be purchased for lower prices this way.

Have a mirror

If you are starting up a home gym, make sure you place a mirror close by. There is a reason why gyms have mirrors everywhere. When you see yourself exercising from a mirror you can correct your form and minimize injuries. For you home gym a mirror is a must have because you will be working out alone without an instructor to correct your form.

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