The Digestible Guide to the World’s Most Famous Diets

World Famous Diets

The Digestible Guide to the World’s Most Famous Diets

Is a fancy, get-fit diet a part of your 2020 resolution? Or was it that one thing you could not strike off last year?

An effective diet ultimately boils down to what you’re happy to sacrifice and change – and how you’re willing to train your body and mind. So here’s an at-a-glance breakdown of what you’ll need to curb, keep and add-on to get fitter through the trendiest diets that guarantee transformation.

The Keto Diet is among the most effective and easy-to-adapt weight loss techniques, and is known to help with heart conditions, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s.

A Keto diet is 3 simple steps:

  1. Eat the right food
  2. Eat the right amount
  3. Stay hydrated

It is derived from the word Ketosis: which is the process that reduces carbohydrate intake and instead uses fat as the ultimate mode of energy, rather than glucose. And remember, WATER is LIFE!

Ready to travel back in time to the stone age? The Paleo Diet, also known as the caveman diet, is throwback to the days when all was organic and natural – so it’s high protein, high fiber.

Cavemen hunted themselves – so workout beyond just walking the aisles at the supermarket!

This goes back to the roots of Mediterranean cuisine  – so it’s not cheesy pizzas and big bowls of pasta. It’s all-natural, barely cooked organic and meat-less items, focusing on fruits, veggies, nuts, fish and even wine.

The whole jazz is to consume as much as unsaturated fat instead of saturated fat, like olive oil instead of butter. An easy way to know what’s good fat? It’s not solid at room temperature.

The Mediterranean Diet requires more than what you eat though – it’s also about HOW you eat.

Mediterranean people take meals together, with everyone engaging in conversation and nibbling slowly, which increases the time taken for digestion, reducing fat deposits – so take it slow!

This one is all about sustainability and conditioning your body in phases. NO Starving, NO fasting! It’s not restrictive, but it does require you to put your responsible-adult pants on and make good choices.

Grab yourself a mini meal every 2.5 to 3 hours.

PHASE 1: AVOID. Up your protein, but avoid processed carbs like bread and pasta.

SNACK consistently: Yoghurts, fruit, granola (but not the sugared up versions with chocolate, marshmallow and syrupy dry fruits)

PHASE 2: REPLACE. If you currently eat a big helping of white rice, switch to one cup of brown rice.

PHASE 3: MAINTAIN. Don’t overeat, and balance out any binges by reverting to actively picking the healthier choice. So grilled chicken over meatballs, for example.

The ultimate Millennial diet! Mostly vegan, but no FOMO – it’s a combination of animal products and plants, with minimal meat and making veggies the main show. You still need to avoid processed and sugary foods, but it’s about picking your food as thoughtfully as you pick your clothes – think about what will make you feel the best after that last bite.

Flexitarian is a great diet to try if you are a struggling vegetarian who gave up on meat and animal products just to lose weight, and has no meal restriction or reduction plans

The 16:8 also known as Intermittent fasting.

It takes the human body 16 hours digest a meal completely, so this diet ensures you don’t interrupt the process by giving your body more and more to do, making it sluggish and less efficient in getting the most out of what you’ve already eaten.

You have to take all the meals you want within an 8-hour time frame, and not eat at all exceeding that time, making you fast for 16 hours.  It is not as horrible as it sounds, because the time you sleep is also a state of fasting.

Stay hydrated when you’re not eating solid food – you could even help yourself to tea with minimum sugar, but no milk, malty drinks, smoothies or heavy fruit juices.

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