The Best of 2020 – February online shopping guide

The Best of 2020 – February online shopping guide

Has 2020 been too rough? But You have been tough enough!

Just two months into the year 2020 your online shopping goodies have helped you get through. 

Find out the top retail therapy favourites on Daraz and make your 2020 shopping blizz worth it. 

Step up to the 2020’s

Seems like 2020 was just the year to level up your Tech vibes. 

Stay on the move with the latest hassle free earphones. While you battle out if iOS or Android wins the race, untangle yourself with the best headphone Daraz has in store just for you. Check out the i12 TWS Airpods or the Samsung AKG Headphones which has topped the tables so far with over 9750 buys. 

Jazz up your style with the Smart Berry s006 Android Smart Watch. If you wanna spend less time on your phone and still stay connected, this is the ideal tech device you are looking for. Style your 2020 with the latest and set the trend. 

Did your 2020 resolution say MORE FIT TIME

The M4 Fitness Tracker ranks No. 1. With all the fitness fanatics, bulking themselves at the gym and all the elastics who believe burning calories is to stay on the go, the M4 Fitness Tracker is all you need to stay fancy.  

If you are still not motivated to get on the fitness game, let the Smart 2030 Sports Earphones bass it up. If you were looking for high quality, hassle free earphones which could also help you with your fitness routine, this is the ideal deal you need for 2020. 

Want a New Look for 2020? 

Exhausted with your current look? Try out a new look for 2020. The last decade might have not been the best of your burns, make sure you get the 100% organic tag right. Energize the new decade with S2F Vitamin Supplement and beware of being watched. 

Have you always been afraid to look young and handsome? Activate a new you with Beard Growth Oil made with all natural oils to show your power. 

Revamp to the 2020 lifestyle. 

Dump the old school trash and invest in 2020 with the brand new mobile phone. Stay insta famous with the brand new Apple iPhone 11 Price in Sri Lanka and get crazy with the latest techies on your mobile. 

Do you still need to revamp 2020 taking it easy on your budget? Break away from the monotones and check out the vibrant MaxFone Max 3X collection.  You are a few clicks away.

Have a lit 2020 

Let everyone at home embrace the 2020 vibes. Add-on some light to your home and bright up a new home look. Enjoy some cozy time with your loved one’s glued to the latest Hair 32-inch LED TV. Pass on your heavy duty to the Innovex 7kg Washing Machine and ease your load this year.

 Light up your nights with Portable LED USB Lights or go eco-friendly with FlashDeal Motion Sensor Solar Security Lights.  

Life is much better when Online Shopping is your Cardio. Stay kudos to the good old trash and share the 2020 online shopping vibes with your family and friends. Stay connected with Daraz to have the best online shopping experience this 2020.  

Amaani Inthikab

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