Your safety is our priority! – Daraz Online Shopping

Your safety is our priority! – Daraz Online Shopping

With #SocialDistancing, we know you’ll be exploring for safe and secure shopping more than ever.

Here’s how we’re optimized Daraz online Shopping services to keep you safe and happy.


All our facilities follow protocols recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and local health authorities to assure clean and sanitized packaging and delivery. 


Shops are empty? Queues aren’t safe enough? Stocks on all the products you need via the Daraz app

We run a zero-tolerance policy on surge prices and fake products – so be assured that when you purchase on Daraz, you’re getting proper value for money, always.


We will maintain a steady supply of essentials, so you have uninterrupted access to them. 


Our delivery heroes will be screened daily. They are trained to minimize contact with people and sanitize consistently.

At Daraz, we conduct a daily temperature screening to ensure the health of our delivery taskforce.


As per the WHO, there is currently no evidence that banknotes transmit the virus. However, we encourage customers to use various pre-payment/card options available on Daraz to avoid any risks.

Save your card details on the Daraz app for one-click convenience.


Our deliveries will be on time – we don’t anticipate any major delays currently.

We will protect you and your purchases in every way we can – so please enjoy Daraz fear-free during this time!

Here’s to conquering COVID-19 and keeping your spirits up. We are here to support you to assure the safety and well being of our country. 

Amaani Inthikab

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