DIY Avurudu Gift Ideas

DIY Avurudu Gift Ideas

Create a new tradition this year and make your own gifts at home with these easy-to-do gift ideas!

Pick from edible, sentimental, ornamental – or go for a challenge with heavy duty, or customize for every one of your loved ones with our pampering DIY ideas.


Surprise the chef in the house with these super fun dip-colour spatulas and spoons. You could refresh an old set with a favourite colour – or go for blue! It’s the lucky colour this year.

Check out this link for step-by-step instructions:


Why just settle for salt when you can get fancy with herbs and spices? Create a custom set of flavoured salts with Sri Lankan flavour-makers like karapincha and curry powder to inspire fun new dishes.

Go here for instructions:

Funky Animal Planters

Here’s a cool craft idea for the budding horticulturist in you – give the gift of a lush plant pet by using old toys and a little imagination.

Here’s how:


Make a new all-in-one memory box with old photos, ticket stubs, bills and knick-knacks. This time-capsule of happiness is the perfect gift to remember the best bits of times gone by.

Get creative with this to guide you:

Heavy Duty

Spruce up your garden with snazzy stepping stones. Smash up some old plates, glass and ornaments (therapeutic!) and preserve them in a pretty mosaic that will give your nature walks a cool new look.

Here’s how to do it:


This DIY is limitless! Grab a mason jar and start curating a little spa day – maybe some manicure goodies for mum, a sweet-tooth assortment for a sibling, or a grooming kit for dad if he’s growing an extra special lockdown beard.

For more ideas, check out:

In signature Sri Lankan style, let’s adapt to Avurudu under lockdown – and celebrate at home, safe and content surrounded by family. Get creative and start new traditions!

Amaani Inthikab

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