Your Complete Guide to Becoming a Seller on Daraz

Your Complete Guide to Becoming a Seller on Daraz

Do you run a Small or Medium Enterprise business and want to make the most of it by earning more from home? Daraz with its “Daraz Seller Care Program” brings you an excellent opportunity to get your business back on track!

Daraz is South Asia’s leading virtual marketplace that has more than 20 million products in 100+ categories on its website and App. In this leading age of technology, the aim of Daraz is to enable and empower thousands of sellers to connect with millions of customers!

And the best part? Daraz will be charging these sellers 0% commission at the start.

So, become a part of Sri Lanka’s biggest e-commerce website and expand your business online to make the most of this transition in facilitation with Daraz!

Why Become a Seller on Daraz?

As the world keeps progressing into digital reliance, it is no doubt that online businesses are the future of Sri Lanka!

With Daraz’s acquisition by the e-commerce giant of the world, Alibaba Group, you can experience how it’s like to work with the globally leading online commerce technology and logistics making it easy to expand your business from the comfort of your home!

Become a Seller with Daraz Seller Care Program and Enjoy the Following Perks:

Here’s how Daraz wants to make setting up your online marketplace an easy and simple task for all those who wish to start their small business!

Business Support:

Various small to medium scale businesses across the country can set up their shops on Daraz with dedicated one-on-one support where sellers can access free business consultation 24/7! Moreover, sellers will have access to free analytics tools which will help them optimize their digital venture.

Financial Assistance:

Daraz has initiatives that provide financial ease by offering 0% commission for SME sellers. All registered and new SME sellers will be waived off all commission charges for a month! ( The dates will be informed shortly) Plus, you get absolutely free pick-up and storage facility, obtain promotional credits, and subsidized packaging.

Onboarding and Training:

If you’re just kickstarting your online business then Daraz offers free training and online seller education through learning webinars and education material by its exclusive Daraz University!

Express sign-ups:

Daraz brings express sign ups for all new sellers from which you can start your new business on Daraz and starting selling in less than just 2 days!

Free marketing promotions:

Get more traffic on your online Daraz store with free On App promotions! And that too without any charges so our sellers on Daraz can get more visitors on their Daraz shops!

Daraz assures that with its Daraz Seller Care Program initiative, thousands of SMEs can promote their ventures and get back on their feet by benefiting from reaching millions of customers all over the country and expand their business with increased e-commerce with Daraz!

How to Become a Seller on Daraz?

If you’re wondering how to open your shop on Daraz then worry not. It is simple and hassle-free!

All you need to do is click this link and register as a seller!

Sell on Daraz!

Register on the platform’s seller sign up page and follow these 3 easy steps!

Step 1:


  • Head over to the Daraz website and sign up as a seller
  • Provide your personal or business details
  • Provide information about the products you want to sell on Daraz

Step 2:


  • Once you’ve listed your products and all your details, you can start selling
  • Visit Daraz’s “Seller Center” through the app or website and receive and manage your orders
  • Once you’ve received an order, package the product and leave the worries or shipping and transit to Daraz!

Step 3:


  • Receive the payment of your order directly in your account
  • Finally, start expanding your business with more sales!

So, sign-up through Daraz Seller Programme and expand your business now!

Read more:

Becoming a seller on Daraz has many benefits, so get on board with Daraz download the Seller Center App now!

daraz seller care center
Click on the image to download!

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    • Hi Usman we will contact you shortly. Glad to have you onboard. Happy Selling!

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