Crappy but Cute! – The Ultimate Baby Diaper Guide 2020

Crappy but Cute! – The Ultimate Baby Diaper Guide 2020

Your little one’s happiness means the world to you. Their birth gave you an undefinable title of motherhood. Your baby’s needs are top priority and to top the list, choosing the best baby diaper is IMPORTANT. Read the ultimate baby diaper guide for 2020 and know how to choose the best for your little one while you pick what’s right for them. 

“Like stars are to the sky, so are the children to our world. They deserve to shine!”

Chinonye J. Chidolue

How to choose the best diaper for your baby?

Choosing diapers is like choosing the best makeup that suits you. It means the world to mom and baby both. This ultimate baby diaper guide will show you 7 important facts to consider;

  1. Baby poo routine

Before choosing the best diaper you really gotta measure your baby’s pottery routine. This depends from baby to baby. Also while your little one hits a massive growth chart in months, these behaviour patterns are prone to change. 

You’ll need to calculate a rough number of hours a diaper can last before changing. Knowing the quantity will estimate the type of diaper you need. 

  • 2. The material

Knowing your baby’s skin sensitivity is a must when it comes to choosing a diaper. Dioxin and sodium polyacrylate are two such substances you must avoid when using disposable diapers.

  1. Scented or not

Do you travel around? Then avoiding the cute but crappy smell is a must. Scented diapers will be a must especially if you enjoy happy hours with your baby. 

  1. Size 

S M L depends on your baby’s size. Keep the growth rates in your mind and make sure you check out the measurements which may vary with each brand. 

  1. The price

Want the best for your baby while you keep your bank account in check? With diapers it could be tough. But choosing the best diaper for the best price is a healthier choice. 

  1. Easy to use

Best Diaper for your kid also decodes the best diaper for you. If it’s not easy to use and not practical wearing, then it’s a big diaper-ache. Flexible fits, adjustable pants and cloth like eco-friendly type diapers are a few options to consider. 

  1. Age 

Reminder: your baby is growing as we speak! Sadly this is why stocking up doesn’t really work. Make sure you check the age and the size when buying a new stock of diapers every month. 

  1. The brands

The final point boils down to the most important factor. Brands! Well it might not really make sense if all the above facts are thought about. But in reality brands do matter especially when it’s the diaper debate. 

Each brand has it’s unique pros and cons which might fit you and your baby the best. 

Read below for the list of Best Baby Diapers 2020:

Velona Cuddles

Care for your baby just you. Serving the Sri Lankan market for over 70 years Velona cuddles guarantee quality material to ensure that your baby is wrapped in superior comfort all day long. Velona offers the perfect fit for babies with extra sensitive skin. You can also go Ezy-Breezy for easy changes and comforting baby diapers. 

Marvel Diapers

NO LEAK Guaranteed! Marvel-ous isn’t it? The number one local diaper brand offers you a the best of the best.. Your cute one could now get an uninterrupted 12 hour sleep with Marvel Baby Diapers. Marvel Baby Diapers are made with ultra-absorbent layers, extra leakage protection and with wetness indicators.  This means happy baby – happier mom

Drypers Baby Diapers

Hygiene assured international standards. Looking for gentle care and ultimate comfort for your little cuteness? Drypers, Branded baby diapers is a brand manufactured with the use of highest technology for ultimate quality. Extra soft comfort and poo security from newborns to early age in all types and sizes you require. 


A healthy environment for the baby and you – your baby’s smile is a treasure for two! Keep your mom and baby happy with Mamy poko pants. Soft and secure materials with special designs for longer comfy freshness. 


Smart babies need smart pants from softlove. Specializing in the production and sale of sanitary napkins, diapers, Facial Tissue , toilet paper roll paper products, Softlove is all you need for flexible use. 


More giggles, more smiles. Keep your baby happy inside and out with the best comfort brand of your choice. With special recommendations for newborns. Choose between extra cotton softness of extra dryness. Let your baby’s giggles shine with well known giggles baby diapers.

Happy Baby

soft, comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly what more can a baby diaper offer a happy baby? Slim and lightweight diapers which are both soft and breathable. Ensure a safe diaper for your baby and protect from skin damage. 

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