Treat your homies right – Pet Supplies Sri Lanka

Treat your homies right – Pet Supplies Sri Lanka

Your home, their home too! Treat your homies right with bundles of love, wags, licks, and a bit of a mess. Provide them with the best pet supplies in Sri Lanka. Get all your pet supplies delivered to your doorstep along with your groceries. Here’s a Daraz guide to show you the way

It’s Time for a Treat!

Whether you are a cat person or a full on doggo guard, a fishy keeper or a bird watcher, they all got ONE question in common – Where’s the Food Folks?

Treat your homies with the best dog food in town. Pedigree will always hit the front end being the best dog food brand for years. Drools is another famous dog treat in Sri Lanka.

Make sure you choose the right food bag to match the age and weight of you cute little puppy. Buy dog food for puppies or treats for dogs online now! All available on Daraz.

You might conveniently avoid the loud howls but constant meows and leg hugs will never stop. Hungry cats can be quite a hassle, way more than the rest. Feed them soft purrs with cat food in their favourite flavours.

Your home is their home

Calling your pet dog or pet cat your homies gotta confirm the basic checklist. Have your pets got their basic needs satisfied? Make sure you tick off the following boxes;

  • Good Sleep

If you ain’t sharing your food, sharing your bed is highly temporary. Make sure your cute paw babies have a cozy-comfy-good night sleep, all day long.

  • Good Food

Providing cat food or dog treats at the right time might not always be possible with our busy schedules. But that does not mean we leave them hungry right? Say yes to avoid chaos. Let them enjoy until their tummies are full when you are out partying.

  • Good Breeding

You look good, and make sure your puppy love complements you too. Take time to groom your fur ball. Keep them clean for a healthier and happy home. This is very important specially when you got kids or visitors around often. Buy pet supplies online to make it easy.

  • Play Time!

Every time is play time! I’m sure you heard that the abundance of love your pet give is helping you get rid of stress. Take some time off your busy schedules to play with them, rub their tummies, and cuddle up for extra boost of love. Feel loved every single day. Make home more homier with your pet. Get toys for your pets online on Daraz.

Travel Around Town with your Fur Babies.

Cats and especially dogs love traveling around with the family. Let them hop in with your to take a trip down town. A dog/cat carrier is quite an essential if you got small or medium size fur bud.

Talking about a travel, the carry cage might top the list of most essential pet supplies in Sri Lanka when you think about taking them on their monthly trip to the vet.

Exercise for your pet is as important as exercise for you. Walk your dog regularly and make sure you are geared up for the cause. Keep your fur buddies under control with a comfortable leash that helps them walk in pride. A harness for man’s best friend should be easy for you and for them.

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A walk ain’t complete with just a good dog latch. Get your Paws collared up for the walk of price. Make sure you are all geared up for walk. Get your poop scoop ready and a disposal poop bag with it.

Treat your fellow fury homies with the right choice of pet supplies in Sri Lanka. Make sure you take up the oath to provide them with the best.

Take care of them in kind and more with bundles of love and attention. dedicate some time off your schedules just for them, and they will be there for you every speck of the way.

A Happy Home starts with a revamp. Shop online Sri Lanka – get on now!

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