Complete Mission 10.10 and win big

Complete Mission 10.10 and win big

Daraz turns 4 – Join the party. Join the biggest celebration of all time from the 10th of October with up to 70% off on your favourite brands. Complete Mission 10.10 and stand a chance with win a Samsung Note 20. Here are the 10 easy missions to complete.

How to Complete Mission 10.10?

1. Open the Daraz App for 7 days during the campaign

2. Play an Arena game on Daraz First Game

3. Place an orders above Rs.3500

4. Add to cart a mega deal

5. Follow 5 brand partners

6. Post an image review

7. Pay your utility bills for above Rs.500

8. Participate in Rs.1 game

9. Recharge your mobile

10. Update your Daraz info

What’s the Reward for Mission 10.10?

Stand a chance to win a Samsung note 20 and walk away with exciting Daraz Vouchers to redeem onsite.

mission 10.10 reward

Mission 10.10 – Terms & Conditions

Read the terms and conditions below to make the best of mission 10.10.

  1. Winners will be announced on 30th October 2020
  2. Complete the 10 missions stated above and stand a chance to win Samsung note 20.
  3. All players who complete 5 or more missions will receive a Daraz vouchers as follows:
  • Complete 8-10 missions and win vouchers worth Rs. 250
  • Complete 5-7 missions and win vouchers worth Rs. 100

Things to remember :

  1. DFG does not work on IOS, please plan accordingly.
  2. Your mission progress will be updated after 2 PM everyday for all activities performed on the previous day.
  3. Missions can only be done from 3rd October to 16th October.
  4. Login to your Daraz account before starting your missions.
  5. If you win a reward, you will be called thrice. If you do not respond during that time, we will choose another winner. Opps!
  6. Daraz reserves the right to change the reward at any moment during and after the campaign.

Can’t check your score?

  1. Make sure you have logged in to Daraz App
  2. If you completed a mission today, your status will be updated tomorrow. Don’t worry!
  3. Make sure the email address you are entering above is the same as your Daraz app email address
  4. If you haven’t started any mission yet, start now!

Join the party today! Download the Daraz App now!

Daraz turns 4 - join the party

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