How to select the best online business for you?

How to select the best online business for you?

Planning on starting an online business on your own? Brainstorm ask your friends and find out what’s best for you! Simply answer these 5 questions to discover the online business just for you.

1. Find your Passion? 

Follow your passion and take some time to think about your skill set. You might be interested in music, dance, baking, crafting, designing, sewing and the list goes on. But selecting a passion you can earn something from is not too hard. 

2. Check for competition

If you think baking is your passion, starting a brownie company is mainstream now and that means you’ve got a lot to beat. Just cause brownies are loaded, does not mean you will run out of business. This means you gotta think of how you could make your brownies Unique (we call it a USP in the business world).

3. Check for resources? 

Checking for resources is quite important to sustain. Have you go all the things needed to make your product, if it’s brownies you need the ingredients. Have you got a capital to start with, which is a fixed amount of money you can allocate to get the supplies you need. 

How are you going to pack it? And deliver? These two might be tough questions easily handled by Daraz.

4. Evaluate your scope

When starting something small, ‘how small?’ is quite a big question. Basically what is your TG (Target Audience)? Going back to our brownie example you need to know how many orders you can take per day or per week and prepare for the best and the worst. If you need more support then you gotta look for them.

5. Select a channel

How are you going to tell people about your business? Social media is a great way forward to spread the word around. Sell on Daraz to handle your entire backend with packaging, logistics and finance.

Start selling online today with Daraz! All you need to do is take a few minutes and think about what works best for you. Select the Best online business for you! Happy Selling!

Amaani Inthikab

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