Celebrating you! – Thank You Daraz Shopper

Celebrating you! – Thank You Daraz Shopper

Dear Daraz Shopper,

Thank you for joining us in celebrating Our 4th birthday. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. No matter what kind of a Daraz shopper you are, we got you covered!

Dear Binge Shopper, 

We think you qualify the sanity check. Shop till you Drop because we love to send the smiles you deserve. 

Dear Patent Shopper, 

We understand that you are constantly looking for the best of the best. Do continue to give us your honest feedback, we are growing along with you.  

Dear Click spendor,

Online shopping is all you deserve. You proved that shopping is quick and easy. Sit back and relax shopping in the comfort of your own home while we are ready to take orders 24 hours a day rounding up 365. 

Dear Dormant Shopper,

Hang in there buddy, we’ve got the best for you. Watch out for the massive price drops coming your way in a flash. Are you ready for more? Cause this season we are ready to give you a blast. 

Dear Window Shopper,

Window shopping could be fun, but sometimes you gotta grab ‘em while you can. Add all your favorites to your wishlist and checkout. We assure the journey would be worth it. 

Dear deal-hunter,

Are you waiting for the best? Then this season is made just for you. Enjoy all our birthday offers, vouchers and surprises. When it comes to discount season, we mean Big Deals and Discounts for the best products in town. (magnifying glass)

Thank you for being a part of our Daraz Family.  You are not just a Daraz shopper,  you are the reason we are here today. Do continue to be a part of this online revolution. We move onwards and upwards together. Happy Shopping!

Amaani Inthikab

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