Keep Calm And Clutch On! : Trendy Handbags for Women

Keep Calm And Clutch On! : Trendy Handbags for Women

Hola ladies! As women, aren’t we all watchful of what we carry with us all the time? In this case, bags are something more than a purse to a woman. Unlike men who grab their keys and wallet and are headed out the door, women’s essentials require a lot more space.
So simply to carry everything that a woman needs, the most stylish and the versatile accessory you’ll ever need is a bag which will help you to play with your outfit effortlessly!
In this article, you’ll find few trendy Handbags for Women that you can style with your favorite outfit.

Classic Shoulder Bag

Handbags for Women

With each season and year, there’s always a new collection of bags that pops into the trend, but shoulder bags always remain a constant choice when it comes to Handbags for Women, no matter what pops into the scene. Shoulder bags can go over the shoulder or in your hand. What ever the way you have it, it’s still stylish and fabulous.

Fanny Pack Chest Bag

Fanny pack is an upcoming chest bag. It is also called a bum bag, waist pack and a hip bag which has a stylish comeback. This bag has styled with outfits on runways and created a big hype to try out! Sure to class up your casual T shirt and Jeans look, or go bold with a black jumpsuit to create a matching statement. Here’s a Fanny pack that we’ve got at Daraz for y’all!

Clutch Bag

Handbags for Women

As bag lovers, we all know we are given the luxury with choosing whatever the bag we like according to the occasion. So clutch bags plays a huge role when matching it with evening looks because it creates a wonderful combination to all your slinky evening dresses and low-cut jumpsuits. It’s also your more convenient option, as its the perfect size to carry your most immediate essentials. Shop now!

Mini Backpacks

When it comes to Handbags for Women, we can’t we forget about backpacks. Backpacks can be found in variety of shapes, colors and styles! and acts as a staple piece in your outfit. Among all a mini backpack is a famous and an alternative bag for handbags. Therefore we’ve added few of the cute mini backpacks we’ve got in store with us.

Tote Bag

Handbags for Women

Tote bags are one of the more bulkier and spacious options in Handbags. These are usually marketed as reusable shopping bags but you also can take these on road trips or wherever you want if you have to carry a bit more than you usually do in day today’s life! Whether you’re carrying it to work, the gym or on a casual day trip, we assure you, this bag has the space for everything you may need.

Shop now for all these stylish and staple Handbags for Women on Daraz. Check out our Women’s Fashion Category to find all your essentials on all things Fashion and to keep up with the latest trends. Download the app now!

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