5 Must-Have Essentials to spice up your Bedroom!

5 Must-Have Essentials to spice up your Bedroom!

We all know that a comfy and cozy bedroom is the secret sauce to a happy life. After all, at the end of a long day of work or college or just a long day, there’s no other corner of your home you want to hole up in to let the day pass. But upgrading your bedroom into a sanctuary is not exactly the easiest thing to do. Fear not, because all you need is to stock up on these essentials to turn your bedroom into your haven.

Let’s dive in to look at the top Bedroom essentials for you to grab at this Lifestyle Mall Sale

Quality Dreams



Pillows are one of the most important bedroom essentials to make it cozy. If you want to sleep and dream your best dreams through the night, then these pillows from Celcius are your best Buy. Fluffy, filled with virgin poly fiber offering the highest levels of comfort and the most blissful sleep.

Cuddles All Day, All Night


Looking for all the best ways to cozy up your bedroom, a thick duvet is the best way to go. These will keep you warm through the night and make cuddle times extra special. Get this super comfortable Duvet set from Linberry at the best deals at the Lifestyle Mall Sale Now. These Duvets are so soft and strongly resemble the material of Egyptian cotton bed sheets

It’s Nap Time!

Plain Bedsheets


A pair of good white bedsheets are absolutely essential to own when decorating your bedroom. They give your room a neutral setting if you have decorative walls or if you opted for nude, plain shades, they blend in well. These Bedsheets By Gentelle are our top recommendation if you want to bag some premium, soft, white bedsheets for your bedroom and are also, perfect options for bedsheets for babies.

Colors Galore

Colored Bedsheets


Another option if you’re more eccentric, is of course colored designer bedsheets. Solid, patterns, bright, whatever you prefer. When you add colored cotton bedspreads, your bedroom looks instantaneously bright and lived in, unlike hotel or villa bedrooms. To explore and find stunning patterned fitted bedsheets to shop for your bed, Head to the Bedsheet Factory in Sri Lanka, and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Wrap Up


Last but not least, an absolute necessity you need in your bedroom is a good pair of towels. And why, is pretty self explanatory. To shop the best quality in Towels on Daraz.lk, head to Halcyon. Halcyon’s bed and bath collection’s Towels are made with high-quality raw materials that can revitalize your bathing experience with a fresh, contemporary feel. Not to mention comes in a lot of colors, and are super stylish too.

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