Top 9 Home Appliances to buy on a Budget

Top 9 Home Appliances to buy on a Budget

Imagine a world without appliances! On a typical day, from the time our alarm goes off, we cook, clean, and rush to work. Amidst all of this, the cookers, microwave oven, washing machines, refrigerators, and irons are a convenient part of our lives. Therefore, Home appliances undoubtedly add a touch of magic to everyday lives. Shopping for quality home appliances on a budget? We got you covered.

You do not have to spend a fortune on reliable and essential home appliances. From washing machines that can alleviate your laundry burdens to microwave ovens that heat your food. Our list ticks all the boxes for home appliance essentials.

You can get 100% authentic and reliable household appliances from trusted brands with a 14-day return policy at the DarazMall.

Double Door Refrigerators Under Rs. 50,000

The hot weather in Sri Lanka makes a refrigerator an indispensable appliance in any household. Any food left outside is bound to go bad overnight. No doubt the fridge has many advantages, but does it fit your budget? Sure, it does.

If you are looking for a simple double door fridge, then you can easily land a fridge under Rs. 50,000 on Daraz. There are multiple brands to choose from. Whether it is an LG refrigerator, Innovex, Samsung fridge, Singer refrigerator, or freezer, all these refrigerators are available to fit the budget shopper’s wallet. If it doesn’t fit your budget at the moment, you can always opt for the installment payment option when you shop on Daraz. Also, watch out for seasonal discounts and special deals.

Washing Machines Under Rs. 45,000

Washing machines are a must-have in every busy household. Each week, most of us do multiple loads of laundry. Therefore, this is an essential home appliance to get on a budget. Front-load and top load washers are the two most common varieties. Many brands on Daraz offer washing machines at unbeatable prices.

Whether you are looking for a semi-automatic or a fully automatic washing machine, we guarantee there will be something to fit your budget.

Microwaves Under Rs. 30,000

Are you tired of heating your food on a gas stove? This is 2021, people. Thanks to the discovery of microwave technology, your food can be reheated in a matter of seconds. These ovens can also cook food much faster than any other appliance. It also saves you the nuisance of having to wash kitchen utensils. 

There are different types of microwave ovens, such as solo, grill, and convection. Regardless of the type, if you have been on the lookout for a microwave, the search ends here. You can select from a variety of brands at the most reasonable prices.

Electric Ovens Under Rs. 15,000

An electric oven is every baker’s dream appliance. You can bake your favorite food at the convenience of your home. It’s way cheaper, and nothing beats the freshness of homemade treats.  

The best part is you can purchase an oven for much less than buying 10 large pizzas. It is going to benefit your wallet in the long run as well. You will be baking your favorite pastries and pizzas at home instead of ordering them from a pastry shop or restaurant. There are many affordable options you can choose from. Just log on to your Daraz app, and you will see what we mean.

Air Fryers Under Rs. 15,000

Fried food tastes delicious! From mouthwatering chicken strips to crispy French fries and chicken nuggets, all of which tantalize your taste buds. Are you looking for a guilt-free way to enjoy all these fried foods? Voila! We present to you the air fryer. It produces crunchy, crispy delightful tasting food by circulating hot air around.

The energy efficiency of these appliances is also noteworthy. Philips air fryers are popular among many consumers, but you can always find air fryers that are more budget-friendly. Therefore, if you aim to eat your favorite snacks prepared in a much healthier way, it’s high time you invest in an affordable air fryer.

Mixer Grinders Under Rs. 10,000

Can you guess what can replace a juicer, a food processor, hand blender, and other blenders? A mixer grinder with 3 jars. With the 3 jars of varying sizes, this appliance covers juicing, mixing, blending, and grinding.

Therefore, it is ideal to buy a mixer grinder with 3 jars over purchasing a blender, juicer, and a food processor separately. It is one of the amazing home appliances to shop for on a budget. You can easily get a reliable mixer grinder for under Rs. 10,000 and enjoy the benefits of mixing and grinding all kind of food your heart desire.

Gas Cookers Under Rs. 5000

When it comes to the topic of Budget home appliances we cannot forget the gas cooker. Almost every household in Sri Lanka has a gas cooker. It is energy-efficient, easy to control heat, and does not require electricity to operate. Even if you use an electric cooker, this is an excellent standby option.

There are two types of gas cookers; the single burner and the double burner. The good news is you can purchase either one of them for less than Rs. 5000. You can now buy your gas cookers at the lowest prices on Daraz. So, browse through and pick the one that suits you best.

Hand Mixers Under Rs. 5000

If you are into baking, then you cannot do without this kitchen tool. Even if you do not cook or bake a lot, a hand mixer is a handy tool for mixing, beating, blending and whipping various foods. 

Therefore if you are on the lookout for a hand mixer, log on to the Daraz App and select the hand mixer that best fits your budget or requirements. You can purchase a basic hand mixer for less than Rs. 2000 and a quality mixer for right under Rs. 5000.

Steam Irons Under Rs.2500

Using a steam iron helps give the clothes a smooth and polished appearance while making the ironing job more effortless than ever. Steam is used in newer versions of irons because it speeds up the process of ironing. Therefore, investing in a steam iron may be helpful if you wish to save time and effort while ironing.

Are you dreaming about getting all these home appliances on a budget? Then Daraz’s Million Desires 2021 is the event you have been waiting for this year. You can get up to 60% off from leading brand names such as Abans, Innovex, LG, Samsung, Fiesta, Krnova, and Surya. Get ready to shop to your heart’s desire from the 17th of May onwards.

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