Top 5 Desirable Baby Goods For Your Bundle of Joy

Top 5 Desirable Baby Goods For Your Bundle of Joy

Every parent strives to give the best to their children. The list of baby goods varies from family to family. However, there is one common trend. Once you have kids, your grocery list begins to include new items that you never imagined before kids. You begin to stock your fridge and cupboards with healthy food choices, and you never expected that diapers cost a fortune, but you still need to get them to keep up with the busy lifestyle of 2021. You think twice before ordering junk food for mealtime simply because you want your kids to grow up making healthy food choices.

We understand that it’s not always easy to stock up on the market’s best baby and toddler items for your munchkin. However, we decided to put together a list of baby goods that can go on your grocery list, which are pretty affordable on Daraz.

You can get the lowest prices on mother and baby products at You can also make the most out of bargain sales like the Daraz Million Desires trending from 17th of May to 24th of May.


Making the decision to breastfeed, formula feed, or feed in combination is solely the mother’s choice. Although sayings such as “breast is best” encourage breastfeeding your babies, it is not an option or preference for all mothers. However, what is particularly important to remember is “fed is best.”

Infant formula is a healthy alternative for mothers who are unable or decide not to breastfeed. Formula milk gives babies the nutrients they need to develop and build immunity. When they start to become sitters, crawlers, and toddlers, you can continue with the formula intended for their specific age group. Most formula milk powder in the market contains essential nutrients required for children’s physical and intellectual development.

Daraz offers a range of formula brands, and you can select the one you feel is the best for your child. If you are a vegan parent searching for a vegan option for your baby, you can find Soy formula on the Daraz online shop. Some popular brands available on Daraz are Cow and Gate, Enfagrow, Anchor Pediapro, and Enfamil baby formula. All these brands are recommended by pediatricians and contain the correct balance of nutrients required for your child’s development.

Diapers and Nappies

Diapers are one of the discounted baby goods on Million Desires

Most mothers are determined to keep their children as comfortable as possible. If you are a new mom, you probably weighed in all options between conservation (cloth diapers), convenience (disposable diapers), cost-effectiveness, and practicality.

We have to come to terms with the fact that convenience wins over everything else in the present world. Cloth diapering may be cost-effective and great for the environment, but the exhaustion of washing soiled nappies between taking care of a child, household chores, and work makes you think twice. However, the good news is that both choices are equally decent when it comes to your child’s comfort.

Daraz has made both choices available to you. You can select from a range of cloth diapering products and accessories as well as great disposable diaper brands. Cloth or disposable, you can get the lowest prices and the best discounts in the market for baby goods through Daraz.

Wet Wipes

There are different varieties of baby wipes, including those made for delicate skin containing 99.9% water. A packet of wet wipes is a must-have in a diaper bag.

Wipes also convert into wet towels that you can use to wipe your baby’s face, get dirt off their hands, or even clear up mommy’s makeup mishaps. The best part about wet wipes is the convenience, and it is always there for you and your bubs, ready to offer comfort during stinky accidents.

Wet wipes are gentler and more hygienic for babies. Baby skin is delicate and smooth, and it should be nurtured and moisturized with care. Get on your Daraz app and grab some fantastic offers on baby wipes during the Million Desires bargain sale.


Many pediatricians believe that baby cereal makes excellent first food for babies. Rice, barley, and mixed grains are a few of the ingredients that are used to make these mushy, soft concoctions. They manage to satisfy a baby’s growing appetite while still providing essential nutrients like iron.

Iron is essential for your child’s brain development. Iron-fortified infant cereal provides the most of your baby’s dietary iron requirement simply with as little as two 1/4-cup portions. Other nutrients used in infant cereal include vitamins B, C, and E, zinc, and calcium.

Cereal can turn into an interesting learning tool as well. After your baby has become used to the mushy texture of baby cereal, steadily thicken it by adding less milk. The bland taste encourages your baby to eat more, whereas the thicker textures help him learn to chew and swallow. Along with all these wonderful benefits, now you can buy baby cereal at discounted prices from Daraz.

Baby Food

Store bought food is one of the essential baby goods that fits the on-the-go lifestyle

Once you’ve decided to introduce new food to your munchkin, you’ll have to consider the kind of food you’ll be providing as well as the nutritional value of baby food.

All parents want to make sure the food they purchase for their children is fresh and free of contaminants. However, with the demands of our modern lifestyles, sometimes it can become a challenge to prepare healthy meals from scratch for your kiddo. Baby food pouches and bottles are the lifesavers for the busy mom on the go.

As store brought baby food require no preparation, they are really convenient when you do not have the time or energy to prepare food at home. Select from a range of available baby food pouches and bottles at the lowest prices on Daraz.

Shop during the Million Desires sale to get the best discounts and offers in town for desirable baby goods. You can save up to 60% off and get free shipping when you shop brands such as Cow & Gate, Enfagrow, Drypers, Velona Cuddles, Pediasure, Anchor, Marvel, and Kimrox. Get on the Daraz App and shop till you drop while stocks last on Daraz Million Desires.

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