Make A “Sound Investment” on Over-Ear Headphones

Make A “Sound Investment” on Over-Ear Headphones

Are you an audiophile searching for quality headphones at the best headphones price in Sri Lanka? Then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the best Over-Ear headphones Sri Lanka has to offer.

We picked some of the quality headphones out there that fit all budget ranges. Therefore, we have something for everyone whether you are looking for premium, mid-range, gaming or budget-friendly headphones.

Why Use Over-Ear Headphones?

Most over-ear headphones provide outstanding sound and noise isolation, whether you need to focus while working from home, want some musical companionship while taking a stroll in the park, or need to block out noise during your bus commutes. Many headphones come with a microphone for voice and video chats, as well as noise-cancellation.

Earbuds and in-ear headphones have their time and place. However, if you want to immerse yourself in a divine sound experience, over-ear headphones are the best pick in the market.

Browse through a variety of headphones and headsets on Daraz Mall for the lowest headphone prices in the market. So, let’s dive into the list.

Best Headphones At Lowest Prices


Wiresto Wireless Bluetooth5.0

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Wiresto is gaining popularity as a brand set out to revolutionize sounds with its range of headphones and headsets. They have an audio solution for almost anyone. Whether you want to listen to music, use headphones for gaming, or connect your headset to the smartphone to catch up with a friend, Wiresto has your requirement covered.

If you are looking for maximum ear comfort along with a fantastic sound experience, then this device is meant for you. It’s stylishly designed and comes in three colors; red, white and black. So, you can choose the color that is perfect for your style. It comes with 10-hour battery life, therefore, saving you the hassle of having to charge the headphones often. You can browse through a range of Wiresto products on Daraz Mall and choose the best headphone price available.

SonicGear AirPhone 3

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Are you looking for the lowest headphone price in Sri Lanka? SonicGear will tick all the boxes when it comes to budget-friendly and fantastic sound quality.

These wireless headphones are ideal for people who are constantly on the move. This is an excellent device to connect your phone while keeping your hands free, especially if you frequently talk on the phone with your friends and family. Whether you’re chatting on the phone for business or relaxing and listening to music, it delivers outstanding sound quality.

SonicGear AirPhone 3 comes equipped with 8 hours of playtime with a standby time of 15 days, Bluetooth 5.0, and a powerful base.


Best headphones in the market
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Dudao is a reputed tech gear manufacturer. They have an impressive line of products such as headphones and other phone and audio accessories. Their products are gaining recognition globally for the high-quality offered at an affordable price.

If you are seeking Wireless Bluetooth transmission of superior quality, then this device is the best bet. It supports HD audio quality and can run up to 8 hours without charging. It comes in a stylish ergonomic design that looks professional and practical for work or play. Bluetooth 5.0 provides excellent connectivity and can connect with any iOS or Android device.


JBL Tune 750BTNC

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JBL has been a world pioneer in offering incredible audio and electronic accessories for over 60 years. The brand’s quality is among the best in the industry.

This device combines JBL Pure Bass Sound with noise-canceling technology to deliver the greatest bass sound and an immersive listening experience. The over-the-ear headphone design is lightweight and provides optimum comfort. With over 15 hours of playtime, handsfree voice control call connectivity, and multi-point connection JBL Tune 750BTNC is an impeccable pair of headphones for any audiophile with high expectations.

Razer Kraken X

Best headphones in the gaming headphones category
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We did not forget about the gaming enthusiast looking for the perfect headphones to go on gaming adventures. Razer Kraken X is a solid headset if you are looking for a good gaming headset on a mid-range budget.

These gaming headphones satisfy all of the industry’s standards required for gaming audio quality. It’s perfect for crystal clear communication during gaming ventures with your friends. The Kraken X is a user-friendly alternative if you want a simple pair of gaming headphones with cross-platform compatibility.

JBL Live 500BT

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Do you like heavy bass? These JBL over-ear headphones are perfect for listening to dance, rock, and hip-hop music!

JBL makes some of the best headphones in the mid-range budget, and the Live 500BT is one of them. JBL’s proprietary Pure Bass drivers are hidden underneath the flexible, solid body, pumping out significant lows; the bass response is thundering at high volume.

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Sony WH-1000XM4

best headphones in Sri Lanka
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Is it expensive? Yes. But, if you experience the quality of the Sony WH-1000XM4, you would not think twice about paying the price.

They are comfy as ever, making them ideal for extended video calls. The device include useful features that enhance the user experience, and, most importantly, you receive a significant increase in sound quality for your money.

Check out the Daraz Mall for more Sony Headphones Sri Lanka has in the market.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

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If there is one brand name that can push the boundaries of wireless noise-canceling over and over again, Bose surely achieved that status.

The thin design, trendy appearance, and well-integrated earcups also receive a thumbs up. You may change the volume with a sweep of your finger or answer a phone call with a tap using touch controls. If you have access to Alexa or Google Assitant, you can summon them both with the push of a button, allowing you to request the 700s to play your favorite music or read out messages and notifications.

This device is packed with cutting-edge features and therefore landed in our premium-range list of headphones. Go through a range of Beats headphones Sri Lanka has in the market on Daraz and pick your favorite. If you feel the price is too high, you have the option of paying in installments.

Hope you liked the list of over-ear headphones that we recommended. If you desire to grab any of these check out Daraz for the best headphones price in Sri Lanka. Check out What type of headphones should you use to get an idea about the ideal headphones for you.

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