Get in Shape and Stay Fit With These Sports Equipment in Sri Lanka

Online Fitness equipment in Sri Lanka to suit your needs.

Get in Shape and Stay Fit With These Sports Equipment in Sri Lanka

If you plan to order Sports equipment in Sri Lanka online, you’re in the right place. Ahead, we discuss how you can upgrade your home gym by getting quality sports equipment.

Are you on the lookout for quality sports equipment in Sri Lanka? You can equip your home gym with a range of exercise machines and other sports gear available on dMall.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on gym memberships or fitness classes to stay in shape. In reality, thanks to easily available equipment that anybody can purchase, online home gyms are becoming a go-to choice today. Furthermore, with the uncertainty of the pandemic, we want to be as safe as possible. Therefore nothing is safer than establishing a workout routine at home. 

Let’s look at some of the sports equipment in Sri Lanka that you can easily order online to get in shape.


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These running machines are all you need to get your daily dose of cardio. Furthermore, there are multiple benefits of working out on a treadmill. However, the best of the lot is that it reduces the impact on your joints. Your legs encounter a major impact when you jog on hard surfaces. Over time, this could lead to knee, back and ankle pains. Moreover, it could result in severe bone damage as we age.

A treadmill is ideal for this since it provides a reasonably soft surface on which to run, and new models have shock absorption, which is an added benefit.

Boxing Equipment

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Are you a boxing enthusiast who missed out on your boxing fix for months because of the lockdowns and restrictions? That ends right here, right now. You can order your pair of boxing gloves and boxing bag online to continue with the training. Browse through the authentic and high-quality boxing equipment available on dMall and get them delivered right to your doorstep.

In addition, if you are into mixed martial arts, you can order your MMA equipment and other martial arts related sports equipment online. This would allow you to stay fit and in form. Furthermore, you can practice at your own pace and convenience.

Exercise Machines

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There are multiple exercise machines available that focus on strengthening and toning various parts of the body. For example, you get Ab workout machines, ellipticals, cycling machines and many more. Therefore, if you are building your home gym, you can really benefit from having different exercise machines. They target different muscle groups and is excellent to tone your upper and lower body.

Furthermore, they are ideal for burning a lot of calories and body fat. In addition, they do not exert too much pressure on your joints. Therefore you can work out safely on most exercise machines. Finally, if you continue your fitness journey after an injury, these machines can benefit you greatly.


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Cycling is a popular activity among people of all age groups. Therefore it’s one of the best selling sports equipment in Sri Lanka. Moreover, you can use a bicycle as means of transportation. In terms of exercise, cycling is a great way to get your daily cardio in. No doubt it’s one of the best calorie burners and leg workouts.

So, take a look at the bicycle option available online on Daraz for people of all ages. There is a range of designs and colours from famous brand names. Furthermore, you can get the bicycle delivered straight to your home. Watch out for price drops during special sales campaigns on Daraz to get the best bicycle price in Sri Lanka.

Rowing Machine

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If you want to gain good upper body strength, then acquiring a rowing machine can go a long way. Moreover, it’s an excellent stamina building workout. In addition to improving overall body fitness and strength, it’s ideal for strengthening the heart. And, it’s safe for people of any fitness level to try out.

Want to know the best part? Most people claim that rowing can have a calming, meditative effect on their minds. Therefore, it’s a great workout to improve the overall mood of an individual.

Exercise Band

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Are you in the process of building muscles? In that case, consider getting yourself an exercise band. It’s one of the sports equipment in Sri Lanka that gained much popularity with the dawn of Covid 19. The main reasons for this are that it does not take up space, and it’s easily accessible anywhere at any time.

Exercise bands come in a variety of sizes and two styles. The band gets progressively heavier as it stretches.  Therefore, it can be used to build lean muscles.

Soccer Ball

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Are you a huge fan of football? Then you should definitely acquire a soccer ball that will allow you to train at your own leisure. You can purchase footballs online in Sri Lanka for the most affordable prices on dMall.

Furthermore, if your kids are passionate about football, get a soccer ball and keep them occupied during these times of school closure


Badminton is a great way to get some physical activity, while you bond with your family at the same time. So order a few badminton rackets online and other badminton accessories to enjoy a badminton game with your family as you social distance.

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Did you know that shooting your bow and arrow is a healthy heart activity? Archery is known to be good for your heart health as much as any other cardio activity. Furthermore, it strengthens muscle and is a great form of stress relief.

Continuously indulging in sports and fitness is the key to a healthy body and a mind. Therefore if you are bored at home, consider ordering sports equipment in Sri Lanka through Daraz. We assure you that will be one of the best investments you make towards self-care.

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