Different Ways to Drape a Saree to Stand Out in The Crowd

Saree Draping Tips

Different Ways to Drape a Saree to Stand Out in The Crowd

With the new norm of social distancing, like all other activities shopping for sarees online is gaining more attention. Whichever way, no better outfit can bring out a woman’s feminity like a Sari.

Are you curious about how to drape a saree once you purchase sarees online? Read on to find out about more than one way to drape a sari to accentuate your beauty.

With globalization, the traditional saree has taken the back seat as most Sri Lankan women embrace the “western view of fashion.” However, no other dress or outfit can unleash the gracefulness of a Sri Lankan woman like this quintessential garment. Therefore saree’s are always in fashion in the south Asian world. Whether you wear it to work, weddings or other formal occasions, the sari will always compliment the natural beauty of a Sri Lankan woman.

If you have already bought a set of sarees online and wondering about ways to drape it, read on. Ahead, we have listed several ways you can drape the saree to look elegant and fashionable.

Kandyan Saree (The “Osari”)

Do you know the main difference between the Indian style of draping sarees and the Sri Lankan Kandyan style? Two unique features, the “Neriya” and the “Pota.” Neriya is a small part of the sari that wraps around your midsection. Although there are no fixed pleats, it is intended to be pleated. Then the “Pota” (known and Pallu in the Indian Sari styles) is a section of the saree that begins below the Neriya. The Neriya, which is placed on top, covers the beginning of the Pota. Although it partially covers the belly, this section of the saree is pleated with up to 3-4 pleats and pinned to the shoulder area of the blouse. The rest of the “Pota” go behind the blouse.

Kandyan Saree is the fancy of many Sri Lankan ladies, as it represents the Sri Lankan heritage and allows your arms to be free. In addition, it gives an elegant and classy look to the wearer on any occasion. Cotton sarees make ideal material to drape the “Osari.” So, try this look with your newly bought sarees online.

Indian Saree

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This is the more commonly worn saree style around the world. Many Indian women wear this, and it has been around for more than 6000 years. This flowing garment over and around the body, adjusted with small tucks and tugs, is exquisite and fashionable. Furthermore, you can go from simplistic to full-on embellished with the Indian Sarees. No matter how you wear it, the Indian sari marks femininity and class.

You can drape it in a variety of styles. However, the most common way of dressing includes wrapping the sari around the body with one end tucked about the waist and the other end, known as the “pallu,” gracefully falling over the shoulder.

Butterfly Style

This draping technique is not only fashionable but also gives you a slimmer look with more definition. All you have to do is pleat your Pallu into thin sections and pin it on your shoulders. It’s known as the butterfly style because the lower part of the Pallu takes fan like a butterfly shape.

The Pallu part of the saree is very much like the Kandyan Saree.  However, this draping style is different as it does not comprise the “Neriya” of a Kandyan Saree. Silk sarees are ideal for draping the butterfly style, and these types of saree’s are easy to decide and buy when you shop for sarees online.

Ruffle Sarees

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Ruffle sarees are in trend these days. It’s a zestful enhancement to the traditional ensemble. Designers of ethnic clothing are combining sarees with western designs to give them a more modern feel. Furthermore, ruffle sarees appear stunning on any lady. In addition, Ruffle sarees are comfortable to wear and available in a wide range of designs, from plain to sophisticated.

Ruffle sarees are also a great way to make a fashion statement. Ruffles have the magical ability to seem both vibrant and dreamy at the same time. A saree with a small layer of ruffle at the Pallu and border is more fashionable. It’s ideal for parties or weddings.

Lehengha Style

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The Lehenga saree style is another way to elevate your fashion game at a wedding or party. The outfit combination looks trendy, regal and imperial. The saree in the lehenga style is a semi-stitched fabric that divides into several parts. The skirt is perhaps the most essential component in the entire garment since it is the part that let one distinguish a lehenga saree. In addition, you can create a mermaid, A-line, or a flared silhouette with a lehenga saree. However, there is one element that remains constant, regardless of the style. It’s the pleats that are stitched to the skirt.

Finally, the blouse looks like the blouse of Choli, which is slightly longer than a usual saree blouse. There are many styles and forms of the Lehenga Saree. Therefore, you can explore numerous options when shopping for sarees online.

Open Pallu Style

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Draping a saree in this style lets the Pallu be left open at the shoulder without pleats. Instead, you just wrap the Pallu over the front of the blouse, fastening the top edge at the left shoulder and letting the other edge of the Pallu drop down.

 Hence, it is ideal for the workplace to give a professional appearance while being comfortable and straightforward. However, this drape often suits special events because of its attractive appearance.

We Hope these saree draping ideas gave you some insight into dressing up in an ensemble and shining like a star on the next big occasion. If you want to shop for sarees online, download the Daraz App today and check out our fashion page. You will find a variety of choices of different materials. Also, stay up to date on the sales and events to get the best deals and discounts on sarees and other products.

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