Washing Machines from Top Brands Under Rs. 60,000

Washing Machines from Top Brands Under Rs. 60,000

If you are looking for the best Washing Machine Sri Lanka price, you are in the right place. Ahead, we are going to take a look at washing machines from top brands in Sri Lanka, and you can select the one that fits your budget.

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Why Select Washing Machines from Top Brands?

Washing machines are one more of the epic inventions of the industrial revolution. Thanks to a few geniuses who put together this extraordinary piece of equipment, we can spare the exhaustions of rubbing, squeezing and wringing bucket loads of laundry that we wash every week. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about wasting time washing your clothes. New washing machines come with timer settings, and you can simply watch a movie or take a nap as it does its job.  

A washing machine is a long term investment. Therefore, you want to ensure that it stays functional for a long time. So, the advantage of going for a reputed brand is that you can have some peace of mind that suddenly your washing machine won’t stop midway while it’s rinsing your clothes. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our affordable list of washing machines from top brands.

Washing Machines from Top Brands Under Rs. 60,000

Washing MachinePrice in Sri Lanka (Rs.)
INNOVEX Washing Machine – 6.5Kg29,500
Singer Semi Washing machine 6 KG32,890
Arpico Washing Machine46,948
ABANS Fully Auto Washing Machine 7.5KG46,990
Singer Fully Automatic Washing machine48,990
ELECTROLUX Fully Auto Washing Machine 7KG51,880
Samsung Top Load Washing Machine59,900

Innovex Top Loading Washing Machine

Innovex is a leading and reliable home appliance brand in Sri Lanka. Their appliances are affordable and available islandwide. For example, the Innovex top loading semi-automatic washing machine is a wonderful appliance to wash all your laundry. It comes in an attractive design made of rustproof material. Furthermore, it’s low on noise and vibration. Therefore you would hardly know while the machine is working.

Innovex Washing Machine separates into two tubs, the washer and the dryer. It has a large capacity and can hold a big load of laundry at a time. Once your clothes are washed clean in the washer, you can dry them off in the dryer to get rid of the excess water before hanging them to dry off.

Singer Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Seventeen decades ago, Singer established itself as a leading sewing machine manufacturer. At present, Singer Sri Lanka has expanded their ventures into other home appliance goods, including washing machines. This Singer washing machine comes with two compartments, a washer and a dryer. It can hold up to 6 Kg of dry clothing in its washer compartment.

Once your clothes are well rinsed and clean, if you feel like drying them a little extra before hanging them outside to dry, you can simply send them for a spin in the dryer. If you do laundry once or twice a week, this is the ideal washing machine for you.

Arpico Washing Machine

When we discuss home appliances in Sri Lanka, Arpico is a trusted brand name that always pops into our heads. When we discuss quality, Arpico easily makes it to the top. They have delivered nothing but the best to Sri Lankan consumers for over 86 years. They manufacture an extensive range of electronic products to fit consumer’s daily needs.

Arpico fully automatic washing machine is the ideal solution for loads and loads of laundry that gets accumulated on a daily basis. It comes with 10 different programs that are suited for the type of wash you require for your laundry. Furthermore, this appliance is energy efficient and therefore easy on your electricity bills.

ABANS Fully Auto Washing Machine

If you are looking for a mid-range fully automatic washing machine, this ABANS Washing Machine is probably what you are searching for. Abans has been a trusted household name in Sri Lanka for over 50 years. They are a highly reputable manufacturer of electrical goods in the local market.

This Abans fully automatic washing machine can hold up to 7.5 Kg of dry laundry. It’s built with rust-free material, and you can use it for a long time. So if you’re looking for a companion to tackle your daily laundry challenges, then this washing machine is the real deal.

Singer Fully Automatic Washing Machine

If you are searching for an affordable mid-range fully automatic washing machine, Singer is the way to go. Its tub is made of stainless steel and is guaranteed to last for a long time. Furthermore, this washing machine has a 7 Kg capacity. It’s ideal for handling your daily laundry loads.

ELECTROLUX Fully Auto Washing Machine

Electrolux is a Swedish multinational home appliance brand name. However, the brand has been around for almost a century. Therefore you don’t have to question the reliability of this world-renowned brand. Furthermore, the manufacturer guarantees a deeper clean with this washing machine. In addition, it’s very gentle on the clothing and allows your clothes to stay in good shape for a long time.

Samsung Top Load Washing Machine

Samsung is a global leader when it comes to trusted electronics brands. They are reputed for providing consumers with high-tech and dependable electronics at an affordable price. This Samsung Washing Machine is no exception. Furthermore, since this is a fully automatic washing machine, the washing and the drying cycles take place automatically one after the other. All you have to do is throw your laundry in the washer, press a button, and take it out when you hear the alarm that your laundry is clean.

We hope this post was helpful to choose the ideal washing machine for your household. If you are shopping for home appliances on a tight budget, be sure to check out our blog post; Top 9 Home Appliances to buy on a Budget.

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