Introducing Daraz Live: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about Daraz Live.

Introducing Daraz Live: Everything You Need to Know

Are you ready for a New and Exciting shopping experience? Daraz is ready to take the Sri Lankan Live Streaming game to the next level. We are super pumped up for Daraz Live to go live tonight, 24th of September, at 6 PM for the first time in Sri Lanka.

What is Daraz Live?

Daraz Live is a Livestream featuring your favourite products, so you can have a closer look at them before making a purchase. It’s here to add a spin to your daily shopping experience. You not only get to take a look at the products you love in real-time, but you also get to ask any questions from the streamers about the products.

It’s a fantastic way for you to stay up to date with the latest shopping trends. Furthermore, Daraz Live is packing a bunch of features to keep you engaged and never miss out on anything you love.

Features on Daraz Live


  • View Upcoming Videos

It has a feature that allows you to view upcoming videos. So, you will never miss out on an opportunity to interact and ask questions about your favourite products.

  • Self Reminders

The app allows you to set reminders, so it reminds you to watch the content or episodes that you do not want to miss. Tap on the ‘Remind me’ button on the video you want to see and you will be reminded 10 minutes before the streamer goes live.

  • Replay Video

Even if you miss out on the live stream, you can always check out the video later in your own time with this feature.

  • Watch Latest Videos

You can scroll through and watch the latest videos that have been uploaded.


  • Follow Your Favourite Streamer

Never miss out on the action of your favourite streamers. Just tap on the follow button to get notified when they go live.

To follow the streamer, click on any video of the seller to follow all past/live/upcoming streams of that seller. Tap on the follow button next to the seller’s name and status will show as ‘following.’

  • Stay Up To Date

Even if you miss out, this feature allows you to view and stay up to date with the new content production done by your favourite streamers.


  • Collect Exclusive Vouchers

That’s right! You can collect exclusive discount vouchers pertaining to the products that you see on the Live Stream. These will be applied when you check out the product.

  • Click The Cart

You can view the product during the stream by tapping on the cart on the bottom of the left view. In addition, if you feel like purchasing the product featured in the stream, you have the option of instantly clicking on the cart and adding them to the list of products you want to check out. This way you can make the purchase directly from the stream.

  • Like, Comment & Interact

Ask away your questions, show some love to the streamer or simply like the video. Also, you can interact Live with the streamers by sending messages while the video is streaming.

How to Watch Daraz Live?

It only takes two easy steps. First, download or update the Daraz App to experience this new feature within the platform. Then tap on the icon that looks like a camera and says “Daraz Live” at the bottom. After that, you can browse through all of the upcoming, live, or previously recorded videos.

Exciting times are ahead! So, download the Daraz app and check out Daraz Live. Get ready to stream fun and engaging content anytime, anywhere.

Amaani Inthikab

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