Elevate Your Renovation Game With Super Deals on Hardware and Gardening Tools

Elevate Your Renovation Game With Super Deals on Hardware and Gardening Tools

Are you on the lookout for hardware and gardening tools to renovate your house or maintain the Garden? If so, you are in the right place. Continue reading to learn about the flagship stores on Daraz that offer superb discounts on essential hardware and gardening tools.

Guess what else is around the corner? Daraz is celebrating its 5th Birthday! And, Daraz would like to celebrate it by giving their customers a chance to wish for anything on the Daraz platform. So all you have to do is add your favourite product to the cart.  You can be one of the five lucky winners that get their wish come true. So Wish away for anything on Daraz.

Daraz Birthday Sale begins on the 7th of October. So, if you are looking to save money on hardware and gardening tools, you can get up to 70% OFF on hardware and gardening equipment. Furthermore, you can get an additional 12% off when you use a bank card. This is what discounts on top of discounts look like. There are many more giveaways and surprises, so don’t forget to download the Daraz App and start browsing the app now. Let’s take a look at the stores that are offering big discounts.


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Alumex is a leading manufacturer of quality aluminium extrusions in Sri Lanka. Their portfolio includes a range of aluminium products ranging from hardware, industrial and household tools and equipment. So, if you are hunting for a steady and trustworthy ladder that will not fail you, browse through the options available on the ALUMEX PLC flagship store on dMall.


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Did you know that Hunters had been a trusted brand in Sri Lanka for over a century? You read that right; they have been functional since 1911 and gained Sri Lankan consumers’ trust and loyalty. They import and retail products ranging from industrial tools and garden tools of the best quality. So browse through the Hunters Flagship store to get up to 57% OFF and free shipping during the Daraz Birthday Sale.


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SWISSTEK Ceylon is one of the leading choices in the market. They have several products ranging from ladders to wooden doors and accessories. Get up to 15% off on a range of their products starting from the 7th of October.


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JAT is a multinational paint and accessory company. They have quality local and international paint brands, which they distribute across the nation. So, if you are on a mission to paint your house this year, take a look at the JAT store on Daraz for special discounts.

Prescott Tools

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Are you in search of power tools? In that case, you’re sure to find anything you require in Prescott Tools. They have drills, hammers, pliers, toolsets, wrenches or anything else you need to renovate any corner of your household. In addition, you can get up to 16% OFF on most of their products if you shop during the Daraz Birthday sale.

Serendib Hardware

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Now you can buy some of the best quality hardware products on Serendib Hardware. They provide any hardware solution for any of your requirements. Therefore, if you are upgrading your hardware toolbox, check out Serendib Store on Daraz.

S-LON Lanka

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Are you on a venture to resolve any plumbing issues within your home? You are sure to find anything you require on S-LON Lanka. The best part is you can read the product description carefully and place the order online. The item will be delivered straight to your doorstep in no time.

Get Hardware and Gardening tools at the lowest prices with additional discounts during our birthday sale. You can get up to 70% off from our brand partners ALUMEX PLC, Hunters, SWISSTEK, Live With Us, JAT, LAUGFS International, Presscot tools, Serendib Hardware Stores, S-LON Lanka Pvt Ltd. Furthermore, you can get free shipping and valuable vouchers. So, get ready to shop till your drop during the Daraz birthday sale.

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