Make Your Fur Babies Feel Loved with These Pawsome Deals on Pet Supplies

Make Your Fur Babies Feel Loved with These Pawsome Deals on Pet Supplies

If you are a dog or cat lover and want the best for your furry friends, these deals on pet supplies will blow your mind. Continue reading to find out the stores that give the best discounts on pet supplies online.

Just as much as human beings require a proper diet to remain healthy, your fur babies should be fed good food so they would feel pawsome! You can satisfy your cravings, but what about your fluffy and cute fur friends? It’s time to treat them. You need to ensure that your pet supplies are of the highest quality.

Speaking of which, did you know that the Daraz app contains stores dedicated to your pets? Moreover, did you know that this is the best time to shop?

Daraz Birthday Sale begins on the 7th of October. So, if you are looking for Savings on pet supplies online, you can get up to 65% off. Furthermore, you can get an additional 12% off when you use a bank card. In addition, there are many more giveaways, free shipping and other surprises, so don’t forget to download the Daraz App.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at which stores you should visit online to grab the munch for your furry friends.


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Pedigree is a well-known household name for pet food. An interesting feature of Pedigree is that all the products are developed according to the age of the dog/puppy and the breed. So, that makes pet essentials shopping affordable. Besides, all the ingredients in the pedigree products are targeted towards improving bones, muscles, teeth and a better immune system. All of this is necessary to ensure that your doggy will remain active and healthy!

You can buy in bulk and stack your pet supplies because Daraz offers up to 60% off the total bill, so dog mommies and daddies can treat their fur babies as much as they want!


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Whiskas cat food is going to be your cat’s favourite meal of the day. It helps to keep them stuffed and makes their mealtime fun with a dash of variation. Just like you, they too can get tired of eating home-cooked pet food all the time. Whiskas promotes innumerable nutritional benefits for a healthy lifestyle. Whiskas products support different aspects to secure your cat’s health and vitality. Your cat needs suitable protein for healthy growth, and that’s why Whiskas stand out. They are meticulous in providing a nutritional diet for your cat.


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Drools are a lifesaver for fur parents! They have mastered animal nutrition for 36 years. If you have both cats and dogs, where would you get their food all under one roof? Drools is your answer because they have a range of products that makes fur parenting easy! You can treat them with new flavours every day, and they incorporate real ingredients so your pets can enjoy a mouth-watering meal, literally making them drool! Drools do the quality check on your behalf, and they are very specific about the nutritional intake of your pets! It’s the best investment you could make to feed your pets without any hesitation.

Royal Canin

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Royal Canin has thoughtfully created a range of pet food for lactating mommy dogs and newborn puppies. They also have cat food. Royal Canin is on a mission crafting recipes that appeal to the palate of every breed. They are extremely consistent in their quality as they have sustained in the business for over five decades and ensures that all the quality standards are met. Royal Canin works effortlessly towards making this world a better place for your pets.


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Did you know that your dog needs to be hydrated just like you? But the question is, what do you do if they do not prefer drinking water? The easiest way is to feed wet food. Eukanuba is where you should head towards when you shop for adult dogs as they have an interesting range of food that can tempt a man’s best friend. Most of the ageing dogs are reluctant to chew. Also, there would be many occasions where they would lose their sense of taste and smell. Eukanuba provides essential nutrients to your dogs. This ensures their wellbeing and improves digestion so they can function normally!

Stack up your pet supplies for the best prices because Daraz offers up to 65% off, so you can tempt those picky eaters with great products! Build your cart with our excellent pet essential brands such as Pedigree, Drools, Whiskas, Royal Canin and Eukanuba to surprise your fur babies. Make your pets drool!

As you love your pets, we know that you will always ensure that they get the right food. So get all your treats shipped free from Daraz at your convenience! Happy shopping!

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