Accessories That Look Effortlessly Timeless and Affordably Luxurious

Accessories That Look Effortlessly Timeless and Affordably Luxurious

Did you know that accessories do the trick to make your personality glitter? Daraz is here to make luxury items affordable for you.

Daraz’s 5th birthday sale is one of the best opportunities for you to get your desired luxury accessories for an affordable price. However, don’t forget that the 13th of October is the last day. So check out the following products and stand a chance to receive fabulous discounts to adorn yourself with the most sophisticated accessories.

So let’s take a look at the affordable yet luxurious watches, sunglasses and jewellery available at discounted prices.

Micheal Kors

Micheal Kors is a successful brand in the fashion industry with a line of luxury items such as watches, sunglasses, bags, fragrances and much more.

Their accessories not only make a fashion statement; they also reflect the vibes of luxury and class. If you are seeking a tasteful anniversary gift for your wife or girlfriend, a Michael Kors accessory is an ideal option. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the lady you admire in order to show how much you appreciate them. An accessory is not a mere gift but an emotional gift that you can give someone as a token of love


As we live in a tropical climate, we are exposed to the sun more often than not! Ray-ban is here to protect you from UV light or any harmful elements that would risk your eyes.

Ray-ban is an award-winning brand that has particularly designed eyewear to fit all face shapes. In addition, these glasses come in different colours and styles, allowing you to easily coordinate with your outfits. Sunglasses are a part of our day-to-day lives on sunny days when we’re out and about! So Don’t forget to grab one for yourself!

Emporio Armani

The iconic Emporio Armani is the staple brand for all watch enthusiasts. Their collection of watches never disappointed their loyal customers.

The Emporio Armani Adriano Stainless Watch is a designer timepiece that would look perfect on your wrist. This watch is lightweight and gives a sophisticated look so you can look confident wherever you go! Attention to detail is one of the dynamic pushers to the success of the brand. Therefore, if you are love Armani products, check out for discounts before the Daraz Birthday Sale ends.


If you are a sportsman, a watch is required with a fair amount of functionality. The CURREN 8329 is known for its water-resistant feature and is easily recognisable for its quality. In addition, this watch has a genuine leather strap to hold your wrist and is amongst the flashiest sport watch collections on the Daraz app.

Also, if you are budget-minded, this watch is certainly the best choice. The Curren 8329 is the most reliable watch that you can find to keep up with your busy life.


Punctuality is a significant discipline that needs to be practised by all, and to achieve that, you require a device to keep track of time. The Casio Digital Silver Retro Watch A158 is what you should get your hands on to notify you and ensure that you complete your tasks before the deadline. Are you looking for a watch that will help you set up alarms? The Casio Digital Silver Retro Watch A158 is the ideal tool to monitor something as important as time.


When the luxury Italian fashion brand Prada first unleashed its eyewear collection in 1999, it became an instant hit overnight. Their unique and stylish designs, combined with the quality of material utilized in the manufacturing process, allows Prada eyewear to stand out in the luxury fashion industry. If you are into high-end designer brand shades such as Prada, you can shop during the Daraz birthday sale to get special discounts.

Daraz’s 5th birthday celebration ends today. So build your cart right away if you already haven’t done it because you can receive discounts up to 10% off and get all your accessories to compliment your outfits. Furthermore, get free shipping for selected products and stand chances to grab vouchers. So download the Daraz app and start shopping for your favourite luxury brands online.

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