Elevating Your Entertainment: Big Discounts On TV, Audio and Gaming Accessories

Elevating Your Entertainment: Big Discounts On TV, Audio and Gaming Accessories

Have you been waiting for a chance to get big discounts on TV, Audio and Gaming accessories? Now is your chance!

Daraz is celebrating its 5th Birthday! And, Daraz would like to celebrate it by giving their customers a chance to wish for anything on the Daraz platform. So all you have to do is add your favourite product to the cart.  You can be one of the five lucky winners that get their wish come true. We have already selected three, and you can probably be our fourth lucky winner.

Daraz Birthday Sale ends today, the 13th of October. Shop from the Daraz birthday sale to avail of the biggest discounts on TV, Audio, and Gaming Accessories. You can get up to 70% OFF on all entertainment gear. Furthermore, you can get an additional 12% off when you use a bank card. This is what discounts on top of discounts look like. In addition, there are many more giveaways and surprises. The clock is ticking, so grab them before it’s over.


TV brings the world to you. You can discover and gain abundant knowledge through the good old television. It is also a cheaper source of entertainment that anybody can afford. As technology has evolved, there are smart TVs with fascinating functions to play games and browse the internet. So, upgrade to a smart TV at the lowest prices by ordering from the Daraz app.

Ear Buds

It’s high time that you switch to Earbuds to get rid of wires and cords. These wireless popcorn sized earbuds will comfortably fit in your ears so that you can wear them for longer hours.  There are a few distinct features of this product. First, it has a noise-cancelling element that removes unnecessary background noises. Secondly, it is a great gadget to use while you work out as it stays firmly on your ears. These earbuds are affordable and look super sporty!

In-Ear Headphones

These are common amongst music enthusiasts and are ideal for an active lifestyle. These headphones have an around-the-neck design that holds the gadget while you move. It’s perfect when you go outdoors! These are conveniently portable and suit perfect for travellers who prefer listening to music privately. The sound quality is definitely an advantage of these in-ear headphones because they produce a lush quality sound. These in-ear headphones are extremely comfy and simple to use!

Wireless Speakers

A fun party addition that you should own! The popularity of wireless speakers has tremendously evolved over the years. You no longer need to run in search of speaker wires and face primary problems like tangled wires. These wireless speakers have waterproof options as well! It is extremely portable, so you can squeeze it into any limited space. These speakers are the best outdoor companion that will entertain you and your family!


A subwoofer is required if you want to have a theatrical experience in your home while you watch your favourite action and sci-fi movies. This device widens the sound stages, a compelling dynamic to feel the sound and is believed to be a key component to complete the audio sound system. The placement of the subwoofers matters to create that extraordinary experience. Therefore, a tip is to place it in an acoustic room as it delivers improved bass performance.

Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice are not the conventional type. Most of us may argue that a regular mouse would be sufficient. However, did you know that a gaming mouse has a better DPI? It gives more precision and better control. A gaming mouse can be pretty expensive, but the best part is that you can make the best use of it because it has a faster response time, and you can make more comfortable movements. Furthermore, you can also use it for daily online activities!

Wireless Game Controllers

You can have a heightened gaming experience thanks to wireless game controllers. Get rid of the wires, and you have the freedom to move as your heart’s desire. You can stand, run around with the game controller or even dance while playing your favourite video games. Shop for wireless game controllers today before the Daraz birthday sale ends to get special discounts.


If you are a content creator who wants to upgrade from recording on your mobile, you would probably need a microphone. It can assist you in delivering the best podcast or any other content. Microphones are divided into two types- Wired and wireless, and you can select anything out of the two that would be useful for you. If you are a speaker, you need to have one for yourself when you speak to a large audience.

Over The Ear Headphones

This gadget is cleverly designed to avoid sound leakage and is best to use while you are at home or travelling. Also, the performance of these headphones is fascinating as you can listen to any form of audio. In addition, it provides a better bass performance and balances the sound in general. Although it can be a little bulky, it gives a good grip without falling off your ears.

Gaming Consoles

If you have been dreaming of getting yourself an X Box, Play Station or a Nintendo game console, this is your chance. You get  Mega deals and superb discounts on Game consoles. Additionally, you can get a further discount of up to 12% on your bank cards or even pay on an instalment basis with 0% interest. Can it get any better than that?

Nintendo Gaming Console

So, elevate your play experiences by getting everything you need from TV’s, Audio and Gaming accessories for the best prices in the market.

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