5 Popular Board Games for Adults to Play During Christmas Gatherings

5 Popular Board Games for Adults to Play During Christmas Gatherings

Popular board games for adults can make any dull event into one of fun and laughter. Therefore make sure you have some lined up when your family and friends gather for Christmas

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So let’s take a look at some of the best board games for adults you can buy this season.


When you think of board games in general, Monopoly instantly comes into your mind. However, many choose against this property trading game, as it’s “ridiculously long” and “never-ending.” But if that’s the case, what’s with the pretty impressive rank that this game has secured? Have you tried Monopoly Speed? It’s a version that requires as little as 10 minutes of investment for a whole load of entertainment. Therefore, add some fun and enthusiasm to your celebratory events. And what exactly do you need for this? A Monopoly board and a timer. You can purchase it at Daraz and get it delivered to your doorstep right in time before Christmas.

Taboo Family Board Game

How challenging would it be for your team to be able to say ‘Christmas,’ ‘New Year,’ or ‘Pudding’ without actually saying it? If you’re not talkative, this is the perfect game for you! Therefore, in the event you’ve already mastered the classic game, try the Game-Changer Die to spice it up where only one teammate can guess on your turn. So, order your Taboo board game set from Daraz during the Christmas sale and be prepared to take some tricky risks!


Scrabble is all to do with words, and it is also a personal favourite of many adults. But of course, it’s not everyone’s jam, especially if your opponent is competitive and the seemingly nonsensical words they form somehow turn to be on the Scrabble dictionary. Therefore, ensure to set a few ground rules and choose the right style to have maximum fun. You could either play with three others or host a mini speed tournament with a prize for the winner.


Your initial planning before the game begins will determine your chances of winning. If you’ve never heard of Risk before, this could be the new game to try before the year ends! This trifold game board is a map of six continents divided into 42 territories and played in three variations designed for 2-6 players. So, click on the image to soon have your very own set now and sign up for a whole load of fun!


The tagline on the box says- “it’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s challenging, it’s sequence!”There couldn’t be a more fitting description. The sequence is the perfect match if you want to engage up to 12 players, including children. Also, this is an abstract strategy board-and-card game that is popular as one of the best family board games, with a simple to grasp yet entertaining concept. The game is a must-have for families and offers an alluring set of strategy, luck, stealth and variables that’ll get you hooked.

We hope you like the board games for adults that we picked. If you are planning on getting your groceries online, check out our blog post Order Groceries Online This Christmas and Enjoy Massive Savings.

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