Jump Start 2022 by Rearranging Your Bedroom for The New Year

Jump Start 2022 by Rearranging Your Bedroom for The New Year

Rearranging your bedroom for the new year is the best way to create a new atmosphere to jumpstart your resolutions. In the pandemic age, spending more time at home to follow health guidelines has become inevitable. According to studies, your surrounding greatly impacts your motivation, mood and lifestyle. Hence, it’s wise to start off this year by redecorating your personal space.

Are you looking forward to rearranging your bedroom for the new year? Check out our guide on how you can rearrange your room by yourself. We have listed a few elements you can add to beautify your personal space.

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Clip Desk Lamp

Having a small creative workspace in your bedroom allows you to engage in your hobbies and work in a peaceful mindset. And a great addition to this would be a Clip Desk Lamp. Whether you want it on your small nightstand or moderately large table, you can move it around as preferred. Designed to provide comfortable lighting, this helps to keep you focused and improve your work efficiency. With minimalistic style, this lamp also provides step-less dimming brightness ranging from 3000K to 5500K and various colour options. It’s easily adjustable, such that you can find the perfect lighting angle, and provides light wide enough for the entire table.

Drawer Organizer

Keeping things organized inside small spaces such as drawers is challenging. Moreover, we tend to ignore messy drawers since their contents can’t be easily located. Neat drawers ensure smooth workflow. Professionals agree that drawer dividers are essential to avoid cluttering. Whether you want to organize your ties, accessories, or anything at all, these will come in handy. Before you purchase your drawer dividers, make sure to check if the size fits your drawer.

Floating Shelf

If you’re looking to rearrange your room to make it look bigger, consider replacing your bookshelf with a floating one. Beyond being capable of holding heavy weights, organizing items on these shelves can also turn them into wall art. In addition, these floating shelves also come with cloth hooks, catering to two purposes. Now you don’t have to open your closet or throw your clothes across the bed every time you are in a hurry. This equipment will add beauty to your room, while also helping you keep it neat.

Blackout Curtains

Living in the city with glass windows could cause a lot of light and noise to seep in. This may interfere with your sleep, adding up to a stressful life. Getting blackout curtains could be your all-in-one solution. These curtains are curated to filter light and sound while saving energy. Thicker and heavier than normal ones, these help to keep the room darker for long hours and even block out glaring lights. Studies have shown that one-third of heat conversion occurs through windows. That being said, a lot of energy will be saved by fixing blackout curtains, making it a worthwhile investment.

Comfortable Rug

Rugs can majorly transform any room effortlessly. If you have a hardwood floor, you may have noticed that your room tends to look dark. This is because these floors drain out a lot of light. The addition of a rug can avoid this and brighten up the space and enhance the decor. You can also use them to change the colour theme of the room, giving an instant luxurious look. Moreover, if you have kids, rugs ensure safety. You don’t have to panic every time your little one falls over in an attempt to walk. These are also a great option if you have any imperfections that you want to cover up, such as cracked tiles.

Shoe Rack

Shoes are an important accessory to our outfit, and sometimes they tend to get piled up at the front door. This will result in them wearing out sooner. In addition, you might also take longer to find the right pair. Not only do they scuff and get marked up, but they also tend to clutter the entryway. Adding a shoe storage solution, such as a shoe rack, would greatly help in this matter. Visit Daraz to browse through options and find the right one that fits well in the setting of your bedroom.

Storage Bags

Have you ever felt like you have too many items that are rarely used but also can’t be put away? These tend to take up too much area in your closet or rest in places that make your bedroom look untidy. Storage bags/ boxes might help you rearrange your room for more space. These allow you to organize your unused items in them and fit under your bed or above your wardrobe. That way, they aren’t occupying much space but are also stored safely. These boxes are also made with high-quality fabric to promote ventilation and protect against moisture and dust. In addition, they also have a handle for convenience. This allows you to lift the bag and transport it from one place to another. The two-way zip makes it convenient to insert things regardless of how full the storage bag is and makes it easier to open and close. These bags also support large capacities and is spacious enough to store items such as pillows, duvets and blankets.

We hope the couple of minutes invested in reading this article helped you with a few ideas on how to rearrange your bedroom. In the meantime, if you’re looking for home appliances, make sure to check our article on Best Home Appliances Price in Sri Lanka Under Rs. 25,000.

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