Bags to Steal your Soulmate’s Heart

Bags to Steal your Soulmate’s Heart

Bags are accessories we can’t do without, making it one of the most practical gifts for Valentine’s Day. All of us have personal preferences and unique styles. Hence, it’s important to put in some thought when selecting the right bag for your loved one. After all, it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?

Looking for bags to steal your soulmate’s heart? Or just stressing about getting the perfect gift for your Valentine this 14th? We’re here to help you out with some of the best choices. Whether your other half is a he, her, or them- we have a couple of gift ideas listed out for you.

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It’s pretty uncommon to see a woman walking around without a purse. This is what we carry around with our cards, cash, and other important small items. With regards to materialistic gifts, it helps to gift something that’ll remind them of you every time they’re looking for something.

Floral Backpacks

Women are drawn to flowers, being viewed as a symbol of romance. However, flowers are short-lived, and you might want to go for something that lasts longer. Perhaps accompany the flowers with something floral- something that’ll capture her heart just as much? Bags for women with floral designs might just cut the line for it.

Casual Bag

Casual bags won’t go unused. Outings for casual purposes are always greater in number than the fancy occasions we attend. Most of us carry a casual bag with us with important items, varying from individual to individual. Of course, something that complements our style and looks great will be thoughtful and much appreciated.

Toiletry Bag

Toiletry bags are small kits carried that are used to store hygiene products when you travel. These are also known by different terms, namely; travel kit, Dopp kit, or body hygiene kit. Some people utilize cosmetic bags for this purpose. Whether you’re looking for a cosmetic bag, so your girl can keep her makeup, or a toiletry bag so she can store her hygiene supplied- check the Daraz online marketplace to look for the kind that will resonate with her best.


Casual Bag

Casual bags and leather bags are widely used among the male population nowadays, though some prefer to stick to small pouches. These help them carry their everyday essentials with them. If your loved one also tends to carry a bag with him as he goes, this could be a great gift. Further, this is will be much more useful for the ones who are in College or still schooling.

Anti-Theft Wallet

A wallet is a man’s best friend. But if the idea seems too common for you, you can top it up by getting an anti-theft wallet. Anti-theft wallets have a key call option via a mobile app.  This app will also have a record of the location, in addition to a selfie function. Further, if your man is forgetful and tends to leave his phone at home, this could be a perfect gift. It’s designed such that both the phone and the wallet will send out a reminder to pick it up. However, if you prefer normal wallets, check out PG Martin on Daraz.


A cardholder is an important asset to carry. This could also be used to carry coins. When we’re involved in work, we often tend to carry, give out or accept business cards. Sometimes we have multiple credit and debit cards to use maximum discounts available for each bank. A cardholder makes life easier by adding to our convenience and allowing us to stay organized.


Travel Luggage

A healthy relationship consists of mutual support and appreciation. And that includes supporting each other’s hobbies and appreciation. Including a small note along with your gift to express your love and thought always enhances the impact. Support your other half’s traveling passions by gifting them a traveling bag. You can also look for the best travel backpacks for more options to choose from.

Crossbody Bag

Another kind of bag to consider is a crossbody bag. These ensure comfort and can be used to carry bulky items. Since it’s usually worn across the torso, the weight is distributed and doesn’t feel as heavy. They also have zips that allow easy access from in front. The straps prevent the bag from shifting and make a great a great present for those who tend to move around or go out a lot.

Office Bag

Again, most of us are probably working adults or college students. In the search for what would be most useful, an office bag should essentially be on the list.  This is a part of a person’s work life. These come in different sizes, depending on the number of things the person usually carries to work. Make sure to pick something that looks smart, is of high quality, and is a neutral colour. Give attention to the material and durability to pick the best office bag.

We hope the time you invested in reading this article helped you greatly in deciding which bags would make the perfect present for your loved one this Valentine’s. However, if you’re browsing for more gift ideas, make sure to keep an eye on this space. We’ve got a lot more gift ideas coming out for you, with many more incredible offers!

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