Gift a Phone Within Your Budget: Stay Connected with Them Forever

Gift a Phone Within Your Budget: Stay Connected with Them Forever

A phone is a personal device and gifting your loved one a phone may convey that you just want to get closer. Keeping connected in the age of the pandemic is possible almost only because of social media and our electronic gadgets. However, different people have different preferences, and choosing the right phone is crucial if you’re settling for this gift idea.

Are you looking for the right phone to stay connected with your loved one forever? We’ve listed our best picks to help you with the process. Moreover, make sure to check out Daraz for up to 60% off on mobile devices this Valentine’s week.

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Apple Phones

If your other half is an Apple user, they might be more comfortable with an iPhone rather than an Android. Apple phones hold their value in many departments, from information security, ease of use, family sharing, Apple pay, and access to the best apps.

With regards to iPhones, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is the latest release. With its pro-camera system, this is probably the phone with the best camera. It also comes with a USB‑C to Lightning Cable that supports fast charging and allows up to 28 hours of video playback.

However, if you’re looking for lower-priced ones, make sure to check out iPhone 7, iPhone 11, and other models. We have listed a few of them along with their prices for your convenience. Note that further discounts can be applicable to the prices listed below.

Budget: < LKR 100, 000
iPhone 7 Plus – 3GB RAMLKR 88,650
Budget: LKR 100, 000 – LKR 150, 000
Apple iPhone XR – 3GB RAMLKR 139,966
Budget: LKR 150, 000 – LKR 200, 000
iPhone 11 Price in Sri LankaLKR 157,292
iPhone X – 3GB RAM – 64GB ROMLKR158,454
Apple iPhone XSLKR179,500
iPhone XS MaxLKR199,900
Budget: LKR 200, 000 – LKR 250, 000
iPhone 12 Price in Sri LankaLKR 203,475
iPhone X – 3GB RAM- 256GB ROMLKR 206,483
iPhone XS Max – 256GBLKR 237,191
Apple iPhone 13- 128GBLKR 240,687

Samsung Phones

With the best-in-class cameras, Knox security, Samsung home controls and long-lasting battery, Samsung has an undying reputation of manufacturing some of the best smartphones. These phones might be pricier than brands such as Oppo, Vivo and Huawei. However, Galaxy devices are much preferred due to the multitasking capabilities they provide.

Budget: < LKR 50, 000
Samsung Galaxy M01LKR 14,999
Samsung Galaxy M10                LKR 18,993
Samsung Galaxy M20LKR 26,144
Samsung Galaxy A30LKR 34,061
Samsung Galaxy A21sLKR 34,300
Samsung Galaxy M21LKR 45,990
Samsung Galaxy A50LKR 45,800
Samsung Galaxy M31LKR 48,000
Budget:  >LKR 50, 000
Samsung Galaxy S8LKR 65,250
Samsung Galaxy S10+                LKR 285,000

OPPO Phones

If you’re looking for a great phone with a lower budget, OPPO would no doubt be one of the best brands to consider going for. OPPO phones provide a great blend of substance and style with their impressive design, amazing camera, and functional features. The current best OPPO phones that’s available right now is said to be the OPPO Find X2 Pro. Some of your options are listed below so you can have a better idea of which fits best within your budget.

OPPO A1KLKR 21,990
OPPO A5SLKR 24,990
OPPO A16LKR 31,990
OPPO A53LKR 38,990
OPPO F19LKR 50,900
OPPO F19 ProLKR 60,990

Vivo Phones

Most people consider Vivo phones because they’re considerably much cheaper than most other brands. Although they cost less, they don’t fail to provide killer features and specs. For those used to traditional phone brands like Samsung and Apple, they might be a little skeptical to switch to Vivo. However, Vivo users don’t regret their choice. Some of the best Vivo phones are listed below along with their prices.


Budget: < LKR 50, 000
Vivo Y91C            LKR 26,990
Vivo Y81               LKR 18,993
Vivo Y91i             LKR 27,400
Vivo Y12s            LKR 32,990
Vivo V20              LKR 33,990
Budget: LKR 50, 000- LKR 100, 000
Vivo V20 SELKR 56,500
Vivo V11 Pro     LKR 60,706
Vivo V15 Pro     LKR 89,990

Huawei Phones

Huawei has become the second company that sells the greatest number of smartphones. Although the top Huawei phones are among the greatest camera phones on the market, as well as sleek and powerful, they always come with a catch. Some of the best Huawei phones are listed below along with their prices.

Budget: < LKR 50, 000
Huawei Y9s        LKR 19,990
Huawei Y6 Prime             LKR 20,320
Huawei Y6p        LKR 28,290
Huawei Y9          LKR 33,338
Huawei Nova 8 LKR 37,200
Huawei Y Max   LKR 39,648
Huawei Nova 3iLKR 39,897
Huawei Nova 8 ProLKR 45,100
Huawei NovaLKR 76,491

We hope the time you invested in reading this article helped you greatly in choosing which phone best suits your loved one as a Valentine’s Day present. Moreover, if you’re looking for phones under 75, 000 LKR, make sure to check our blog out on The Best Android Phones in Sri Lanka between Rs. 35,000 – Rs. 75,000.

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