For New Moms: Baby Product Supplies and Life Hacks

For New Moms: Baby Product Supplies and Life Hacks

Turning into new moms is yet another challenge that women have to face, and there’s no scarcity of advice available to them. However, just like the transitioning process, it can also be overwhelming to be overloaded with information. It always helps to have a checklist and get emotional, physical, and spiritual support from those around you.

Are you one of the new moms stuck in the struggle? It’s important to know that it isn’t inconsiderate or unkind, to open up honestly about you feel. The process isn’t easy and admitting it doesn’t mean you love your child any less.

Seeking help when needed is essential. With the goal to offer you some, we’ve prepared a list of newborn and postpartum must-haves and a couple of life hacks.


The first year of diapering can be expensive. And that’s without considering the costs for diaper creams, wipes, and whatnot. The best way to start is, to begin with buying diapers in smaller quantities. Remember that a newborn’s skin is sensitive and you may want to give attention to the brand. But as they grow, their skin gets less sensitive and you can try out less expensive brands. Moreover, you can check out cloth diapers and see if they work for you, to cut your cost down further.

Breast Feeding Pump

A breast pump and a milk storage container may not be essential purchases if you always stick around with your baby. However, in many cases, it can come in handy. Further, if your baby cannot be breastfed, a pump can help stimulate milk production. This way, when the baby is ready to drink from the breast, sufficient milk can be supplied.

In the event you have to return to work any time soon or want someone else to feed the baby while you are away or resting, a breastfeeding pump can help too. You can remove the milk, store it for later and attend to your other obligations without thinking twice.


Baby bibs are useful especially when your baby learns to eat. You might need lots and lots of bibs during their first two years, and even more, if your baby drools a lot and when they start teething.

This is a piece of material that’s worn around the baby’s neck to keep the clothes from staining while they eat. While looking for a bib, make sure you choose the right one. They should be adjustable, absorbent, have decent colours and multiple have multiple layers.

Nursing Pads

A new mom is probably familiar with the struggles of leaking breasts. Nursing pads, or breast pads, can help avoid embarrassment in such cases. These are placed into the bra and absorb milk. When purchasing nursing pads, give attention to the following four factors. Make sure they are comfortable, absorbent, cover a large portion of your breast (check the size!) and also- choose a contoured one. You don’t want one that’s flat and moves around.

Baby and Toddler Toys

Toys are important to spark a child’s imagination and engage their senses. Everything is a learning experience for them, whether it’s a new shape, texture, colour, sound, or taste. Hence, make sure you get toys of different kinds to assist them in their learning process.

With regards to infants, it’s essential to provide them with toys such as blocks, to explore object permanence. These help greatly to build and improve motor skills. Toddlers, in the meantime, should be taught how to match and make items and learn the names of basic objects. Lego blocks that come in different colours, also help in this regard.

Potty Training Equipment

Most kids are ready to be potty trained by the time they are about 18 and 24 months in age. However, it mostly depends on their development and motor skills, rather than their age.

Some start late and that’s okay too, don’t panic. Make sure you are kind with your words while he learns. You can start by placing a potty chair anywhere or in the bathroom. First, teach him/ her to sit correctly on it with a diaper on. Then demonstrate its purpose by discarding the contents of the diaper into the potty chair, and the toilet.

Once they become familiar with the process, you can include other potty training equipment such as potty ladders to help them use the toilet efficiently.

Cot Sheet

Another nightmare that new moms face is the constant cries of babies in the middle of the night. Although this is more or less inevitable, it might help to ensure that the bedding of your baby is comfortable, such that they can have a good night’s sleep.

In addition, make sure to check waterproof bed covers to minimize the trouble of washing your bed sheets frequently as you train your kids not to rely on diapers.

Self Care

New moms tend to think that a hundred percent investment is necessary once they have started a family. It’s normal to feel guilty to give yourself attention when your children look like they require more. But don’t neglect yourself. Make some time for yourself, get others to help you out, try to get some sleep when you can. Your positive well-being is essential for your baby as much as it is for yourself. Adapt a self-care routine and treat yourself with an assortment of teas and bath salts. You should also include nipple creams, comfortable slippers and a couple of comfortable, easy and new outfits in your must-haves.

We hope the time you invested in this article helped you in making your own new moms must-haves checklist. If you’re looking for more assistance, make sure to engage with us and keep an eye out for our guides on the Daraz blog!

In the meantime, if you’re struggling with your self-care routine as a new mom with all the new responsibilities, make sure to check our blog out on: Wellness Products For A Healthy Mind, Body and Soul. You deserve the same amount of love that you give your baby!

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