Save Up on Essential Cooking and Dining Utensils Your Kitchen Needs

Save Up on Essential Cooking and Dining Utensils Your Kitchen Needs

Cooking and dining utensils are important, and it contributes towards faster meal preparation and a neater dining experience. Yet, our budgets might not allow us to own all- except for the essentials.

What if we said that you might just be able to own all your favourite cooking and dining utensils while sticking to a budget? Daraz is offering large discounts this Savings Sathiya on many categories, including cooking and dining Utensils! Whether you just moved into a new house, or are decluttering your kitchen and dining space – this is the perfect time to grab your best-loved tools before they run out of stock!

Better Kitchen and Dining Experiences with a Budget

Do you feel like Rs. 5000 cannot buy much in the present-day situation? We are here to tell you otherwise. Shop on Daraz Savings Sathiya from the 25th of May to get up to 60% OFF on over 5 million products. It’s one sale where you can get Lowest Prices on Everything You Need in One Place. Also, switch on the notifications on your Daraz App to get prompted during massive price drops, free shipping and other bargains.

Furthermore, get up to 50% OFF on cooking and dining utensils from brands such as Budry Scales, Dankotuwa Porcelain PLC, Five Star Melamine, Homelux (Pvt) Ltd, Laksela Lifestyle, Lanka Housewares, MMS Group, Noritake, Promolanka Marketing, and The Concept Store. We also have several banks on board, to give you an extra 10% OFF when you shop with your bank card. Make sure you collect the bank voucher before you checkout.

Without further ado, let’s move on to discuss some of our favourite cooking and dining utensils you can save lots of cash on!

Cake Decorating Items

Just as having the appropriate ingredients ensures a delicious taste cake, having the right tools ensures a great looking cake as well! Baking and decorating a cake necessitates planning everything from your ingredients to thinking ahead as you progress through the phases of the recipe. Some essential cake making items that help make the process much easier are a turntable, cake scraper, parchment papers, and piping bags.


Spatulas are yet another important cooking utensil. Foods like grilled cheese, fried eggs, burgers, and chopped vegetables are flipped or turned using them. There are different types of spatulas. Perforated spatulas contain holes that help remove excess oil. Spatulas are generally inexpensive and can be easily found in stores.  You can find spatulas made in a variety of materials. Some of the varieties are rubber spatulas, metal spatulas, silicone spatulas, and wood spatulas. Each of them has its own benefits.


Cutlery is also referred to as silverware, flatware or dining utensils. The right dining utensils also make great home décor. Cutlery sets usually consist of forks, knives and spoons. These have become an extension of our hands to help with eating. Cutlery helps you to have a neat dining experience and according to studies, can also contribute positively to the flavour of the food.

Tea Set

With Ceylon being famous for its tea, this is the most common drinking beverage served even when visitors come over to our places. That being said, it had become essential for us to own at least one tea set. When buying a new tea set, it’s best to decide what items you want to buy to create the look you love while serving tea. Tea sets are also used as ornamental items. Make sure to check out our range of teacups and saucers, teapots, sugar pots and side plates.

Cooking Items

Although we may not have the budget to include every kitchen tool in our kitchen, there are certain essentials that every cook needs. These include whisks, slotted spoons, skillet, saucepans, baking dish and blenders. Whisks are used to quickly combine ingredients or to integrate air into ingredients like egg whites or heavy cream to increase the volume of the mixture.

Cooking Utensils

When you cook using the right utensils, you save a lot of time. Having the right pot or pan makes it much faster to have your dish done in time. When you use the correct utensils, you will also find it easier to measure the ingredients needed. Cooking utensils such as potato masher are very handy. They don’t help you just mash potatoes but go beyond that. A potato masher can also be used to make applesauce by crushing cooked apples. These also help mash a variety of cooked food, vegetables and fruits.

Dining Table

The dining table has long been one of the most important features of the home. Whether you have a  dining room or not- the dining table is a clear demarcation that the space is meant for meals and maybe entertaining guests. If you don’t have a dining table- it may be the time to get one. This gives the family a chance to bond. There is a wide range of dining table sets available that includes dining chairs. Some to look up are 6 seater dining tables and 4 seater dining tables.

Wooden Spoons

When introduced to high temperatures, metal spoons can get really hot. Plastic spoons can begin to melt. But wooden spoons don’t conduct heat so you can stir until your heart’s content without fear of the handle heating up. Hence, wooden spoons are considered one of the best cooking spoon options.

We hope this article helped you with deciding how you’d like to make use of the discounts offered by Savings Sathiya. Regardless of which cooking and dining utensils you’d like to get, make sure to check Daraz out. Furthermore, if you’re looking for the Best Kitchen and Home Appliances Under Rs. 30,000, click here to read our buying guide.

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