Staying Fit in the Time of Crisis: Discounted Sports and Fitness Equipment

Staying Fit in the Time of Crisis: Discounted Sports and Fitness Equipment

Certain Sports and Fitness Equipment are essential to perform certain workouts, that may be required to hit your goals. However, in the time of the economic crisis, we may find it difficult to afford fitness equipment.

Have you paused working towards your fitness resolutions, as you find it difficult to afford sports and fitness equipment? At Daraz, we care about your well-being in every aspect. This Savings Sathiya, you can grab all your favourite fitness equipment and accessories at affordable rates, and boost your motivation to hit those fitness goals!

Fitness Equipment Made Affordable by Daraz

Do you feel like Rs. 5000 cannot buy much in the present-day situation? We are here to tell you otherwise. Shop on Daraz Savings Sathiya from the 25th of May to get up to 60% OFF on over 5 million products. It’s one sale where you can get Lowest Prices on Everything You Need in One Place. Also, switch on the notifications on your Daraz App to get prompted during massive price drops, free shipping and other bargains.

Furthermore, get up to 50% OFF on Sports, Fitness and Outdoor Equipment from brands such as Teleseen, Teleseen Marketing, Quantum, Quantum Fitness, Nonine, Seepower, Lumala, Tomahawk, Suriyage, Shimano, Giant, Lumstar, and DSI Bikes. We also have several banks on board, to give you an extra 10% OFF when you shop with your bank card. Make sure you collect the bank voucher before you checkout.

Without further ado, let’s move on to discuss about fitness equipment and accessories you can save lots of cash on!


The fuel crisis has definitely taken a toll on us. It’s either too expensive, not available, or too difficult to obtain. And it doesn’t stop there- tuks are barely accepting our requests for rides. Travelling to work and back is becoming increasingly costly and inconvenient.

One way to go about this is to get a bicycle! Bicycles as a means of transportation also help to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion and bring various health benefits. Further, by investing in a bicycle, you can save the fuel cash, while also contributing positively to saving the country.


Getting a treadmill could be a fantastic place to start if you’re new to exercise. This is a piece of equipment that allows you to walk and run on it like most of us have done since we were children. As a result, running on a treadmill does not necessitate a certain degree of fitness. Treadmills can be used for jogging and other types of exercise as well. Treadmills with features like heart rate monitors and step counters can help you keep track of your fitness progress.

Swimming Equipment

Swimming is a low-impact sport that is also one of the best aerobic workouts for toning your body. It’s also a great cardiovascular workout. Swimming on a regular basis can help you stay in shape. If you’ve only recently begun swimming, you’ve probably learned how important some swimming accessories seem to be. Check out Daraz if you’re looking for goggles, pull buoys, fins, hand paddles, or gloves. Don’t miss out on these products’ deals!

Badminton Racquets

Badminton is a brilliant way to get some exercise and spend time with your friends and family.  Order a few badminton rackets and other badminton supplies such as shuttlecocks online, and enjoy a badminton game with your family. Find the best racket for badminton at discounted prices this Savings Sathiya.

Yoga Mats

Although yoga mats aren’t mandatory fitness accessories, they are designed primarily for yoga and similar workouts. They do, however, give comfort and a non-slip surface on which you may execute your workouts with ease and safety.  They are inexpensive and encourage you to stay committed to your routine.

Exercise Machines

There are different types of exercise machines and bikes, such as Elliptical Bike, Spin Bike and Rowing Machine. Most trainers consider rowing machines to be the best exercise machine, providing a full-body workout. Elliptical bikes are one of the easiest bikes to use and feature lighter flywheels. If you’re searching for a basic machine to increase cardiovascular fitness goals, this is a perfect choice. Spin bikes, on the other hand, are also more focused to provide a total-body workout. These require more effort to get you moving and offer you the feeling of racing on a road bike.

We hope the time you invested in this article helped you decide which Sports and Fitness Equipment you’d like to get. Whether you’re looking for exercise cycles, home gyms, basketballs, rugby balls or other sports and fitness equipment and accessories- Daraz has all in store for you. With big discounts available this Savings Sathiya, you can now save cash and achieve all your fitness goals at the same time!

In addition, if you’re looking for workout inspiration, read our piece on 7 Fitness Workouts to Sculpt the Body You Want. If you want similar content and many more updates on Daraz deals, keep an eye out for this space!

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