Stylish for a Workout: Buy Activewear Under Rs. 2499 Today

Stylish for a Workout: Buy Activewear Under Rs. 2499 Today

Nothing can compare to stylish new activewear to motivate you to finally hit the gym or try that new workout. This motivates you regardless of how you prefer to get your exercise, whether it’s taking a walk, using the Pilates reformer, or going to a spin class.

Have you been on the lookout for stylish activewear? We got you covered. Yoga trousers, sports bralettes, caps, sneakers, and athletic pants are just a few of the options Daraz has available for you. Read further to explore a wide range of activewear. Make sure to click on the pictures to own the piece today.

Sports T shirt

It’s crucial for someone who has a fitness routine to have a set of lightweight clothing for working out. These Sports t-shirts are made especially for sports, paying close attention to the weight of the fabric, the level of comfort, the thermal characteristics, and many other elements to accommodate various sports. These enable you to conduct the exercise in the most comfortable way possible.

Track Pants

Track pants come in a variety of soft and comfortable styles that are designed for athletic activities. Despite the fact that they are often also worn on a variety of occasions, these are typically utilized for sports activities. They give you enough room for movement while assisting with your sense of ease and confidence. These are frequently worn for track events and are wrinkle-free.


Joggers, like many other pieces of athleisure clothing, were designed for athletics and physical activity. But now it’s also popularly worn for a variety of occasions. Joggers are more conventional and made of lighter cloth than sweatpants. As a result, they are fashionable, comfy, and allow for airflow.

Yoga Pants

Some of the sportswear that is frequently included in the athleisure trend is yoga pants. These absorb moisture and encourage ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable. Wool, cotton, and nylon are a few examples of lightweight, stretchy synthetic fabrics that are typically used to make them.

The mesh cutout design found on some of the best yoga pants on the market helps to define the waist and creates the illusion of a flat stomach. Additionally, keep an eye out for pregnancy leggings and yoga pants with pockets. Our other preferred choices include high-rise, gypsy, and tapered pants.

Sports Bra

If you keep up with the entertainment world, you may have noticed that celebrities and influencers frequently wear sports bras as an outfit piece These are also known as sporty bralettes. Fashion experts recommend wearing it with an oversized button-down shirt. Considered a “chic element,” Influencers are often spotted dressing them up with black sneakers and baggy jeans or pants.

Running Shorts

Running shorts are made to keep you cool and ventilated over extended distances. It’s only natural to sweat while working out and being in continual movement. However, this could also result in unpleasant friction. Running shorts are made to keep you comfortable.  Incorporating compression materials beneath the shorts is a more and more popular substitute for using a lining within the shorts.

Tank Tops

Tank tops can absorb sweat and keep stains from getting on your dress shirts for work. Additionally, they aid in keeping you cool by wicking sweat from your body. Being sleeveless, tank shirts are very helpful for keeping you cool.

Further, wearing sleeveless shirts and performance sports tank tops while working out can assist to prevent injuries while exercising and speed up your recovery afterwards.

Sports Romper

There’s no disputing that the workout rompers have experienced quite a fashion renaissance in recent years. Jumpsuits and bodysuits are not only a cute way to get ready for a workout, but they help streamline the process by eliminating the need to search through workout attire in search of a sports bra, leggings, and top that don’t look completely mismatched in terms of colour and style.


Nowadays, hoodies are a favored choice to produce versatile looks. Considering their great performance, durability, and style, the sporty hoodies in our collection are suggested. These interesting pieces of clothing are loose, cool and functional, and will quickly become your top choice for casual attire. 


A must-have item for anyone who enjoys outdoor sports is a good cap. During games, this shield the eyes from the harsh sun.  Additionally, running caps can keep you cool in hotter weather. They can keep your head dry by absorbing sweat. In the current athleisure trend, caps have evolved into more of a fashion statement than merely a piece of sportswear.

Arm Sleeves

Arm sleeves are more than just a fashion accessory. These support performance and recovery. Due to the compression that the arm sleeves offer, the healing is aided as the blood flow is boosted. The muscles are similarly stabilized. Padding on arm sleeves may also assist prevent elbow injuries. In addition to adding a fashionable touch, some sportsmen choose to wear arm sleeves because they shield the skin from UV radiation and prevent skin rashes.

We hope that the time you spent reading this post also provided you with insights on how to incorporate activewear into your regular wardrobe. You may find all the fashionable and sporty items you need at Daraz, including leggings, sports pants, sneakers, tees, and more.

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