Keep Your Space Clean with Essentials Under Rs. 500 as You WFH

Keep Your Space Clean with Essentials Under Rs. 500 as You WFH

Keeping your space clean can positively complement your mood in many ways. You must have experienced the calm and peace that surrounds a neat, recently cleaned home. Similar to how a cluttered, dirty, and dusty home can quickly deplete you and make you unhappy.

Are you looking to keep your space clean during the time of the crisis? We are currently confined to the walls of our homes due to the fuel shortage.  Keeping our spaces clean and organized is becoming more and more crucial as all of us are switching to the ‘WFH’ mode. However, we can’t help but notice the increase in prices of everything – yet, we also tend to run out of essentials and need to constantly do some purchasing.

To assist you, we have compiled a list of necessities for a clean home that cost less than LKR 500. Daraz is your one-stop online store, allowing you to shop without having to leave the house. Additionally, you may save a lot of money by taking advantage of all the offers that Daraz Mart has to offer. Visit Daraz Mart if you’re wanting to do your grocery shopping to obtain some food and household goods.

Surface Disinfectant

A key element in reducing infections acquired in hospitals is the appropriate use of disinfectants. Pathogens are likely to propagate on surfaces because they come into contact with people. In the age of Covid-19, the significance of disinfecting surfaces has largely been acknowledged. However, the advantages of disinfecting remain the same, and investing in a quality disinfectant will help you stay safe.

Mortein Insect Spray

Do you occasionally see lizards and cockroaches in your house? One of the most popular and efficient cockroach repellents in Sri Lanka is the Mortein spray. When cockroach spray is sprayed on cockroaches or other pests, they absorb it via their skin. These insects have a knockdown effect as soon as the chemicals hit their body, stopping their nerves from sending impulses or messages. Death and paralysis result from this. Mortein can also be used to kill most other insects.

Dettol Spray

Another widely used surface disinfectant is Dettol All-in-One Disinfectant Spray. This product can aid in limiting the spread of dangerous viruses and bacteria. This spray fills the air with a lingering scent while killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on both hard and soft surfaces. You can use this efficient antibacterial spray to clean highchairs, food preparation areas, and many other surfaces around the house without using bleach, taint, or odor.

Tile Cleaner

Tiles can get unclean, and the area in between tiles can collect dirt. Tile cleanser is a water-based, mildly acidic cleaner for deep cleaning a variety of surfaces. The product can reach deep within the pores and texture thanks to the unique recipe. In this manner, tile cleaners can disintegrate and remove filth that has accumulated on the substance, especially in cases of old, resistant residues, to restore the substance’s original appearance.

Air Freshener

Your room may be spotless but not smell fresh. Air fresheners aid in eliminating bad odors. It includes a pleasant aroma to help cover up unpleasant smells. Air fresheners contain a volatile liquid that immediately evaporates when they are sprayed outside in the open air. There are many different brands of air fresheners that are available on Daraz.

Floor Cleaner Liquid

Our floor is covered in numerous germs, which could increase our risk of getting the flu. With the help of floor cleaner solutions, you can thoroughly clean hard floors and eliminate 99 percent of the bacteria, leaving them looking bright. Although they aren’t necessary pricey, these provide you a lot of advantages.

Pest Control Chalk

Small insects like ants and cockroaches can be kept under control in homes with insecticidal chalks. Hit Chalks typically come in packets of 10 pieces and are used to get rid of crawling insects. Insects and cockroaches are drawn to it by its smell. Additionally, any insect that comes in contact with the diseased cockroaches will perish as well, clearing your home of insects quickly.


Tissue aids in better hygiene and comfort. A tissue will be useful if you spill something or drop something and need to clean a tiny area. One of the  best absorbent materials for oil and grime is tissue paper, which also protects you from bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Their ability to absorb aids in this. Tissues are  frequently in bathrooms and kitchens because of their absorbency.

Vim Dishwasher Liquid

It’s essential to clean kitchen appliances frequently. This is because cooking residue and stains can accumulate on them. You may use a mild dishwashing agent and warm water to get your stainless steel appliances sparkling and free of stains, fingerprints, and blemishes.

Laundry Detergent Powder

You might choose detergent powder over liquid detergent if you’re seeking for a strong cleaning solution to get rid of mud, grass, or clay stains on your garments. Additionally, powdered detergent is both significantly more affordable and efficient than liquid detergent.

We hope this article helped you decide which cleaning items you’ll need to add to your cart today to keep your spaces clean. Furthermore, if you’re looking for cleaning tools, make sure to check out our blog on Spotless for Avurudu: Top Home Cleaning Tools List for 2022. Keep an eye out for the Daraz blogs for buying guides that help you find the lowest priced quality items and help you stay within the budget.

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