Top Ways to Chill Out Productively: Books and Music Supplies on Discount

Top Ways to Chill Out Productively: Books and Music Supplies on Discount

Books and music make some of the best ways to relax, especially considering the fact that traveling would probably be off our list due to the fuel shortage. That being said, we’ve put together a list of books and musical instruments that could help you spend your August vacation the best way possible.

Have you been looking for books and musical instruments? You’re in the right place. Along with this buying guide, we also have exciting offers for you!

Entertainment Comes Inexpensive with Daraz Mid-Year Madness

Having the right amount of entertainment adds positively to your well-being. Uplift your spirit with all your favourite supplies from Daraz, now on big discounts!

Mid-Year Madness by Daraz offers discounts up to 80% on a variety of products from the 26th of July. Furthermore, be eligible for an extra 12% discount on bank cards!

Grab all your favourite musical instruments and books with up to 50% off from brands such as Yamaha, Mike Audio, Sky Music Center, Expographic Books, M. D. Gunasena, and Company (Private) Limited, Samudra Book Shop, Jeya Book Center, and Casio.

From over 5 million products to choose from, you can find the product that best suits your requirements. Say goodbye to the hassle of having to visit crowded stores. Download the Daraz app now and get them conveniently delivered to your doorstep.


Been stressed by all the crises that have been happening in Sri Lanka? Reading might help you lower those stress levels. Reading is one of the best ways to unwind – proven to be more effective than listening to music. Studies show that reading can reduce stress by as much as 70%.

Find your favourite books on Daraz. Some of our personal favourites include The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter books, and books by Cassandra Clare such as the best-selling Mortal Instruments series.


The entire process of creating art is therapeutic. We consider playing the guitar as a form of mindful escapism. By engaging in this music therapy, you find yourself separating from your active mind.  Other aspects of playing the guitar that is good for your physical and mental health include enhancing your sense of accomplishment.

Browse through the many guitar options available on Daraz for the best guitar prices in Sri Lanka. Whether you’re looking for a classical guitar or an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or classical guitar, log onto our platform. You can also find guitar strings or guitars such as Yamaha f310 and Yamaha c40 there.


Looking for an instrument that’s very easy to learn? The melodica is the right instrument for you if you’re seeking for a portable free-reed instrument that sounds like a pump organ or harmonica. With a musical keyboard on top, this is one of the easiest musical instruments to learn. It is played by blowing air through a mouthpiece that fits into a hole in the side of the instrument.


Want to begin diligently practicing an instrument that’s popularly considered to be a romantic skill to have? You might be looking for a piano. The regular piano also practice has a variety of physical and physiological benefits for pianists. Hence, we recommend you get one of your own! On Daraz, you can find piano keyboards for the lowest costs.

Story Books for Kids

If you are a parent or have kids at your place, it helps to occasionally take a break and spend some time with them. You can bond with them by reading a book out loud to them. Reading children’s stories help build their emotional intelligence and stimulates their imagination. At the same, it can be a fun bonding experience for you, and can help you instantly improve your mood.

Make sure you also encourage your children and the little ones at home to read by getting them storybooks for kids.

Story Books for Teens

A booklover generally loves collecting books. If your teen is spending their August vacation at home, you may want them to engage in activities that can also benefit them. One of the most popular beneficial activities is reading. Teens love books such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Beast Quest, and Percy Jackson books (in order) – all of which you can find on Daraz.

E Books

It can be difficult to find hard copies of new books every time you finish one. This is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why many people abandon their reading interests. Purchasing an e-book is among the best ways to go about this. Daraz offers a selection of e-books, some of which are priced as low as Rs. 20. You might also consider purchasing your own Kindle from Daraz and look into online book stores.

Sinhala Story Books

If you want to improve your Sinhala communication skills, but never found the time to, this could be your chance. The best way to improve your written and verbal skills in Sinhala is by reading. Find a wide selection of books on Daraz at discounted prices, including English books, Tamil story books, Sinhala story books, Tamil fiction, and Sinhala short stories. 

We hope that the time you spent reading this blog was beneficial to you. Whether you’re an avid reader, musician, music lover, or artist of any kind, Daraz provides everything you could want for leisure. Don’t pass up the fantastic bargains on books and music that Mid-Year Madness is offering.

Moreover, if you’re looking to take up new hobbies, make sure to check out our blog on 5 Hobbies to Spice Up Your Life.

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