Book List For The New Term

Book List For The New Term

If you are looking to purchase a book list for the new term, continue reading. We have curated back-to-school stationery items for students of all ages.

February 20th is around the corner, and the 3rd term is approaching fast. Therefore, this is a great time to shop for all the stationery essentials your kids need for the last term. Stationery shopping can be a real hassle when you go to a bookstore and cannot find everything you need under one roof. Therefore it’s best to shop for all your stationery things online and make sure you can order everything you need in one place.

Book List For 3rd Term

Single Rule Subject BooksRs. 380
Square Rule BooksRs. 165
Single-Ruled CR BooksRs. 2000
Drawing BooksRs. 200
Staedtler Triplus Highlighter Set (6)Rs. 3155
Kids Color PackRs. 3660
Mathematical Instrument BoxRs. 970
Water BottleRs. 440
Pencil CaseRs. 2333
School BagsRs. 3230

Single Rule Subject Books

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One of the most favourite things about going to school is beginning to write on a fresh new book. It almost feels like you get a fresh start on that specific subject. As a student, you are going to require several single-rule subject books depending on how many subjects you have to take for your grade. If you already have books from the previous terms, it’s always a good idea to have a single rule book as a backup just in case you run out of space.

Square Rule Books

Square rule books, most often used for Mathematics, are a great guide for jotting down numbers and solving equations. They also facilitate precise drawing when it comes to graphing. Most of all, your book list will require you to carry at least one square rule subject book, to be used for Maths or any other subject which requires graphing etc.

Single Rule CR Books

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Some of your subjects may require you to draw larger diagrams and drawings. Geography books especially need to be the A4 size because you have to draw maps and identify locations. Therefore make sure you add a single rule CR book to your list of stationery items for this term.

Drawing Books

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Drawing is a great way for children to express their imagination and expand their creativity. Therefore, almost every school has made it mandatory for children of lower grades to take art as a subject. So, let your young Picassos explore and develop their creative imagination by getting them a drawing book.


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It’s sometimes necessary to emphasize the key points when taking notes. When you review your notes later, it is helpful to be reminded of and focus on the key points. Therefore, keeping a few different highlighter colours on hand might be helpful for all students.

Colour Packs

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Most students below grade 11 require wax crayons, colour pencils, and glue for their school work. Additionally, if the students are below grade 5, they are required to bring playdough. So if your child’s stationery list has all of these items listed, it’s a good idea to go for this entire pack.

Mathematical Instrument Box

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An instrumental box is a must-have item in every school child’s school supplies box. It not only comes in handy to draw tangents for subjects like Math but it can be used by anyone for measurements and drawing circles, etc. Check out Atlas to get your instrumental boxes and other essential stationery that your child needs.

Water Bottles

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Water bottles are again another essential item for school students. Therefore if your child is growing up fast and increasing the amount of water they consume daily, it’s best to get them a large water bottle for school.

Pencil Cases

Pencil cases are important accessories making it convenient to carry all your pencils, pens and other items in one place. They come in a variety of designs and sizes and ensure that all your writing tools and other items are safely stored in one place. Some kids prefer to start off their school terms with a full pencil case. They like to have access to all of their supplies in one place.

Additionally, if your children admire certain cartoon characters or characters from Marvel comics, you can surprise them by getting them a pencil case with their favourite character.

School Bags

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A school bag is one of the essential items for any student. They have to carry books, textbooks, pens and pencils, and all of these needs to go in one bag for convenience. Additionally, a school bag helps to keep a child’s belongings safely in one place.

Hope this book list will come in handy when you are ordering stationery requirements for your children this term. If you are shopping for laptops for students, don’t forget to check out our blog, Best Laptops for Students in Sri Lanka.

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