Who Stole, “Your Valentine”? Find out this Valentine’s Day

Who Stole, “Your Valentine”? Find out this Valentine’s Day

Here’s a look at the OG love machine responsible for the world’s biggest day for flowers and chocolates – Valentine’s Day.

The day they killed our man.

The hero of all time, St. Valentine, died on this day. Shouldn’t we light some candles maybe?

Valentine was a smoking hot Roman soldier, arrested for having several marriages around 270 AD.

Some rumors suggest that he was a Bishop who said nah to Emperor Claudius II’s command and married off all the lovers who weren’t permitted to take oath in church.

Prison didn’t stop these #BossesofBliss – both stories say Valentine then romanced the chief jailer’s daughter, signing his letters to her as ‘From your Valentine’. This naughtiness ended with him being sentenced to death – on 14th February.

Apparently Valentine not only existed in Rome. There were two other men, in  Italy and Africa with the same name and they died on the same day. Sounds fishy right?

Did Romans invent Tinder?

It was tradition for all the single girls to write their name on chits during Lupercalia – a festival of fertility – and single men would pick them from a pile.

February was the Roman month for purification and fertility, because it marked the beginning of spring #SpringHasSprung.

Birds of a feather, romance together

Humans followed suit of the winger friends. February is that time of the year the birdies find their girlies.

All hail Chaucer

English poet and author Geoffrey Chaucer actuallypenned the day as we know it – rhyming about it in the ‘Parliament of Foules’ – a satire about the courtship of aristocrats.

Be my Valentine Juliet

Romeo and Julie, the Ultimate Lovers! Kicking Romeo out of the picture, to this day Juliet receives letters from lovebugs all over the the world – telling her about their yearnings.

FUN FACT: St. Valentine is not only the saint of love and marriage, but also epiplepsy and the plague. #KillMeWithKisses

Who needs a Bae, I got my own Slay

You’re never alone when you can shop to your heart’s content.
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#HeartRacingFact: Kissing increases your pulse to at least 110 beats per minute.

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