Monthly Recap February – Month of Lovers or Spies?

Monthly Recap February – Month of Lovers or Spies?

Valentine’s Day, Chocolate Lover’s Month, Month of Independence in Lanka… and maybe a new addition of the Month of the Spies. Find out the top searches for products in the Monthly Recap February.

Feb so Short?

Have you ever wondered why February stood out with the fewest number of days? And why does the Leap Year have one extra day only for Feb? If you do the math right if each month had 29 days everything would be normal. Thank the Roman’s for complicating the calendar.

Let’s get back to reality, do you want to know how the month of February hit the Shopaholics? Find out the top 10 shopping facts that hit the list in the month of February.

“Always wear a Smile”

Joker mask - Monthly recap Feb

388 people searched for the Joker Mask on Valentine’s Day! Random but pretty FAN-cayyy. The love for the ultimate villain can be real but it sounds more justifiable to say all Joaquin Pheonix fans wanted to pay tribute and celebrate his Academy Award.

Glow – Getter

Face mask - Monthly recap Feb

Wanted to get a new glow before Valentine’s? There was a 619% spike in the search for face masks a week before Valentine’s. Surely the glow got natural after Valentine’s with the fact below. 

To my Boo,

A call out for all the couple love! Couple products for the month of Valentine did set the bar high with more than 6000 people searching for couple products. Shirts and rings ranked among the top. First comes love then comes…

LUURRVE is in the Air

Monthly recap Feb

Love hits the climax in the month of Feb. The 6th week of the year with Valentine’s day falling on the same week saw a 37% rise in the search for Pleasure Products. The highest searches belonging to this category include toys and tablets.

Play it Safe

Monthly recap Feb

The search for condoms in Sri Lanka hit the ceiling with search for women’s condoms topping off men. Sadly, 3804 of you got the spellings wrong. Let’s be clear guys it’s spelt C-O-N-D-O-M-S with no A’s or K’s inolved.

Puppy Love

Monthly recap Feb

Sorry to all the 5000 puppy parents who searched for ‘dogs’ on Daraz. Unfortunately, we were busy working out the logistics of delivering puppy love. In the meantime, checkout Embark and share love for the paws.

Killer Alert!

Let’s not jump into rash decisions right now. There was a 166% increase in the search for survival knives and 46% of the people wanted more than one, searching for knife sets. Love can hurt but make sure it doesn’t kill you but makes you stronger.

Guns not Roses?

Monthly recap Feb

Be more specific! 1,216 of you searched for ‘gun’ on Valentine’s Day, but only 670 of you remembered to add the word ‘glue’ in front of it. However, Daraz is free to share some Happiness for all the crafty one’s.

Hope you made it out alive.

Monthly recap Feb

Did you know that February was dedicated to Chocolate Lover’s? To the 257 people who searched for chocolates on Valentine’s Day, we hope you made it out alive. We also wish the best of luck to the 1254 people who were gifted with chocolates. November is the month dedicated for Diabetes, just saying.

Snoop Alert 101:

Monthly recap Feb

More than 1200 people wanted to be your own private detectives. The search list includes Voice Recorders, Spy Cameras, Camera Drones and Mini Drones with Cameras. Hope these products helped you solve your case Sherlock.

Daraz offers everything you need whether you are a lover or a spy. . Take a heads up from Feb and Boost your shopping spirit for the months to come. Happy Leap Year! You just finished your extra day of Happy Online Shopping Sri Lanka.

Amaani Inthikab

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